Aron Stevens, previously known as Damien Sandow, announced his return to wrestling on NWA Power back in 2019. He took some time off from wrestling and focused on his acting career, landing some gigs on TV.

Stevens had a successful run in WWE after he was paired with The Miz as his comedic sidekick. He even won Money in the Bank and won the Tag Team Championship. However, he was unhappy with where his career was going and it was killing him inside. That is why he decided to walk away from the business. Speaking on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, the NWA star said:

“I became someone that I hated — and I was turning into someone that I hated. I was angry at the business, or I was more angry at myself maybe? Bottom line, it was an unhealthy path I was on, and I recognized it. […]It came to a point where my life was kind of falling apart, and I couldn’t get a grip on who I was.”

When Stevens was focusing on his acting career in 2019, he got a call from NWA. He was partnering with his friend The Question Mark and this renewed his interest and appreciation for wrestling, after seeing it through his eyes. This changed his perspective.

“For a long time, I don’t want to say I took [wrestling] for granted, but I kind of did. Not everyone gets this. Not everyone has the genuine appreciation from the fans. I’m not even saying ‘adulation,’ just appreciation.”

Question Mark aka Jocephus passed away in February 2021. Stevens is happy wrestling again, but he wishes his friend was here to experience it with him.

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