Damien Sandow wasn’t pushed in WWE like the fans wanted them to and he got over as The Miz’s stunt double in spite of how he was really being booked. But he has since left the pro wrestling world the pursue acting which has apparently paid off in a very cool way.
NBC’s Midnight Texas drama is based on a Charlaine Harris book series who is the same author that gave us the inspiration for the famous HBO vampire-themed show True Blood. The show is in its second season now and it looks like fans of Midnight and Sandow might be very happy with what’s about to happen as Sandow (now Aron Stevens) broke some big news on Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast.

“As a lot of people know I kinda moved out to California, trying the acting thing. One thing led to another and I kinda got very, very lucky. I don’t know if you guys watch the NBC show Midnight Texas. But if not you should definitely check it out because I got in a couple of episodes and I’m there.”
“I don’t want to spoil anything but I’ll definitely be on there in the next few weeks. Look for me and I’ll give you a hint. I’m no angel and I definitely use my skills in the ring on the show and we will say that.”

Midnight Texas really is a cool show for anyone who needs a supernatural fix in their television viewing. It stretches far beyond vampires and werewolves too and includes a lot of darker themes. Therefore, Sandow hinting that he’s “no angel” could lead us to believe he might have a more demonic role.
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