Bryan Danielson’s accolades as a professional wrestler certainly need no introductions as they proved to be one of the best in the business. He spent several years working in WWE as one of their top stars and towards the end of his run, Bryan Danielson was even part of WWE Creative.

Danielson’s debut in AEW is considered one of the most impactful debuts in recent memory as well. Danielson had previously mentioned his desire to wrestle in other pro wrestling companies and that’s exactly what he did in the end.

Bryan Danielson ultimately chose to make his way to AEW as he simply loves pro wrestling too much and doesn’t care about the business side of things in the company.

While speaking to 6ABC, Bryan Danielson talked about one major difference between AEW and WWE and that ultimately came down to the fact that AEW simply has more wrestling matches than WWE’s main roster shows. Danielson added that AEW is a wrestling fan’s company.

“This is one of the things that drew me to AEW and why I kind of wanted to come to AEW is that AEW is like a wrestling-first company. It’s a wrestling company for wrestling fans. If you’re a wrestling fan, and sometimes WWE is more just based on general entertainment. They wanna reach as many casual viewers as possible. Where I think AEW is like, ‘hey if you love wrestling, here’s this. But also, even if you’re not a wrestling fan we’re putting on wrestling and the wrestling itself is gonna bring you in.

I think that’s one of the really unique things about AEW. If you were to do a comparison of the two, like just watching the shows, you’ll see that there’s a lot more wrestling in the two hours of Dynamite than there is even in a three-hour Raw. And sometimes there’s more wrestling on an AEW Dynamite show than there is on Raw and SmackDown combined.

Danielson previosuly added that he wants to be more violent in AEW and has certainly shown that in his last two matches in the company. It remains to be seen what is next in store for Bryan Danielson.

h/t to SEScoops for the quotes.

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