WWE Superstar Sasha Banks sat down with Sean Evans to do a Hot Ones, and this time, she had the Annual Paqui One Chip Challenge on her hands. The WWE diva is not yet cleared for WWE return, but definitely would like to keep herself challenged. While Paige wants to take on Sasha Banks upon her WWE return, Banks is preparing for it in an unconventional way.

Rapper Lil Yachty also took on the same challenge last year, but ended up giving up pretty quick. After all the flavors were unveiled, Banks chose to go with Haunted Ghost Pepper, and instantly regretted her choice.

If this one’s this spicy, I can’t imagine what comes next.

The two moved onto the One Chip challenge. She takes the chip out and says “Aw hell no!” The challenge is how long you can go without reaching for a drink, Sean explains.


They set the bar at 5-minutes, and chomp down on the chip. Banks says she can’t even swallow it. They’re writhing in agony with the spice taking over. Sean asks if she were to battle the Reaper or the Scorpion Dust in the ring, which WWE superstar would she want by her side? At that point, Banks is uncontrollably drooling. She says Vince McMahon. That’s when Banks says:

I don’t think anybody in the WWE can handle this.

Banks still successfully wins the challenge. Sasha Banks’ appearance on the show was rather unexpected, as she even missed SummerSlam. Bianca Belair opened up about her missing SummerSlam, despite both of them being cleared for the pay-per-view. While she couldn’t fight one battle, she ended up emerging victorious in another.

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