Brian Knobbs, 1/2 of The Nasty Boys, is a WWE Legend who some say should be a Hall of Famer. He is in a rough situation right now as the 57-year-old pro wrestling veteran is hospitalized with various health issues.

Knobbs is currently going through serval tests to determine what his afflictions are. The root of the problem seems to be his stomach and they are noted as “major” issues according to a GoFundMe that was launched.

This new GoFundMe was launched just over five hours ago and it has already raised $3,475 of its $20,000 goal. The campaign also includes a lengthy description which details Knobbs’ current situation.

With over 30 years of Sports entertainment under his belt, legendary professional wrestler, Brian “Nasty Boy” Knobbs is no stranger to pain and adversity. From coast to coast, he’s entertained the masses in unforgettable matches. But now Brian is facing the fight of his life, literally, because his health has taken a sudden turn for the worse.

Just yesterday, Brian was rushed by ambulance to the emergency ward where he is going through a battery of tests to determine the severity of his major stomach issues. His doctors have expressed extreme concern and told Brian that he will probably remain in the hospital for at least the next couple of months. Coupled with his stomach issues, Brian’s good knee has finally given out and requires a surgery if he hopes to walk again.

Brian is a proud man who has tirelessly worked his entire life to be self-sufficient. Like all of us, he has struggled through the pandemic, and just recently attempted new work travel, but the extreme pain forced him to stop. Compounding his failing physical health, Brian has lost many of his closest friends in the business to health issues of their own, which has seriously dampened his mental outlook.

Losing his ability to hit the road and make a living, and having Limited insurance to cover his mounting medical and household bills, Brian is humbly reaching out for help with a GoFundMe campaign. He’s not looking for a hand out, but rather asking for a hand up to help him heal. For our good friend in need, we ask Brian’s family, friends, and fans to please pitch in any contribution they can to help him through this fight for his life. With deep appreciation, Brian thanks everyone for all their support and encouragement through the years, and for any donation they can possibly make to help him overcome this challenging new chapter in his life.

The Nasty Boys were famously fined for farting in front of “Macho Man” and Miss Elizabeth and their legend continues with tons of stories, some even crazier than that. They previously said that getting an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame would be “icing on the cake” for their career, and we can only hope it happens eventually.

Knobbs is also a close friend of Hulk Hogan, and that saw the Nasty Boy make several appearances on Hogan Knows Best.

We’re hoping for the best in this situation, because Knobbs is loved throughout the pro wrestling world. He seems to be going through a difficult situation, and fans may contribute by visiting his GoFundMe’s link here.

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