Update: Michael Elgin has been found safe. We have no further updates, but are hoping for the best.

Original: Michael Elgin’s name was involved in allegations during the #SpeakingOut movement in June 2020. He was recently accused of abuse once again after being arrested for violating a protective order. The controversial wrestler has been practically blackballed by the pro wrestling industry, but many fans are concerned about him today.

Elgin posted a lengthy “goodbye” video on social media. He started the video out by saying it is the last time he will ever post anything. He addressed the allegations against him and apologized. After saying that he would change everything if he could, Michael Elgin closed the video with the following statement:

“I can’t thank you to everybody that ‘s been a part of this journey so far. This is the last you’ll hear from me, because that chapter is officially closed. So, goodbye.”


Elgin also posted a note on Facebook reading: “Unfortunately people don’t care to hear any side but the one they wish to spread. If they did more people would be viewing. That’s ok, as I’ve left everything to my son. I’m done going through all this, I’m done caring about someone and them saying things that are very untrue. So I’m saying goodbye. Jax, you’re the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. I truly love you with all my heart. Rachel, I’m sorry things didn’t work out. You’re an amazing woman, and the best mother I’ve ever seen. I was lucky to have you in my life, and jax is the luckiest boy in the world to have you as a mother. Alex, you may think the worst but I have not one bad thing to say about you. You were a wonderful woman who deserves happiness. Mom, thank you for all your sacrifices to allow me to chase a foolish dream. Don, you’re not my biological dad but you’re the only father I ever knew. Thank you for being amazing and helping me through life.”

Many fans are concerned about Michael Elgin right now, and his name is popping up on many timelines. Hopefully, he is safe and he was only saying goodbye in a figurative sense.

If anyone knows Aaron Frobel and can get in contact with him, we urge you to do so.

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