WWE released Drake Wuertz from his contract in one of their recent round of cuts, but he’s been very busy. People won’t hear about it on Twitter anymore, because he was suspended from the platform.

The controversial figure became known for sharing right-winged opinions that bordered on QAnon conspiracies. He has since distanced himself from Q, but some of his rhetoric still falls in that line of thinking.

Wuertz has been known for his outspoken right-winged opinion. He is also running for Florida State Representative in the 30th District. He considers himself a constitutionalist, and those takes were a bit too much for Twitter.

The former NXT official updated his Facebook to let people know that he was suspended from Twitter. We are unsure what he tweeted out that broke Twitter’s guidelines, but he blamed it on the fact that he announced his candidacy for State Rep two days ago.

2 days as a Political Candidate and Twitter has already suppressed our platform simply for promoting medical freedom. Our first amendment rights are under major attack. They’re not allowed to shut down candidates in Florida…action will be taken.The corrupt cabal that runs Twitter must be held accountable. Join the fight to preserve and enhance our freedoms in Florida.www.votedrake.com Our Rights come from God, not Government

Wuertz did plug his campaign website in the process, so this count be a clever way to drum up some attention. His account is suspended, so it appears that Drake will do some campaigning on Facebook now.

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Felix Upton

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