Drake Wuertz was released from WWE following a string of headlines about him for months. A majority of the focus was on his quest to spread unfounded QAnon based conspiracy theories. He has since denied any affiliation with QAnon and the Proud Boys.

While speaking on a Fireside Chat, Drake Wuertz revealed that he is not a COVID denier. That rumor caught a lot of steam while he was in NXT, but he claims that is not the case. He then went on to reveal that his grandparents caught the virus and he also “caught it for a little bit” along with “a whole chunk” of the NXT roster.

All of those COVID-19 swabs going up his nose made it impossible for him to deny the existence of the highly contagious virus.

“Of course I believe in COVID. My grandparents have both had it. I caught it for a little bit. A whole chunk of the roster caught it. I didn’t have any symptoms, the only reason I knew I had it is because they stick the stick up our nose two times a week.”


Drake Wuertz is no longer with NXT, but he isn’t leaving the pro wrestling world. He already has a show booked where he will return to the ring. It’s unclear if Drake Younger will return to his deathmatch roots, but the CZW veteran seems to have a lot of options right now.

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Felix Upton

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