WWE can have a lot going on behind the scenes. You also never know what can happen or who will be needed. Heavy Machinery learned that the hard way.

While speaking to The OTR Show, Tucker talked about the time when Heavy Machinery were asked to do a dark match without preparing. They just ate at catering and were not in their ring gear. Despite the fact that they didn’t even have time to warm up, the two went out and had a match against the B Team anyway.

They were needed to wrestle in a dark match and there was a lot going on backstage. Otis and Tucker didn’t have their gear on and it would have taken too much time to prepare for the match, so they just emptied their pockets and went out there.

“We’re both sitting in catering together, in basketball shorts and t-shirts, thinking ‘whatever dude.’ It’s 6:40 at this point, the show is supposed to start at seven. Dark match is supposed to start at 6:45 maybe. I got a text from one of the writers, he was in gorilla. He said ‘hey they’re looking for you guys in gorilla.’ I was just like ‘alright, whatever.’ I just ate, we had just ate. So we’re walking down the hallway, we walk into gorilla and the B-Team is in their gear. And they’re like ‘hey we need you guys. We’re doing the dark match.’ I look at Otis, I look at me, one of the referees are like ‘you need to go get your gear on.’ I’m like ‘it’s 6:40 dude. I can’t even get my gear on in twenty minutes. Smackdown starts at seven. It goes live, it’s live on television, it has to start at seven o’clock. We can’t get our gear on and wrestle a Dark match.’”

“So while I’m having this conversation, all of a sudden B-Team’s music hits and they go out. So we’re standing in gorilla still, and I’m just looking around and they’re like ‘okay. Heavy Machinery, get ready. You guys are next.’ I’m like ‘we’re in our basketball stuff. What are you talking about? No.’ So I can’t remember exactly what happened, because we’re having a discussion like that for another thirty seconds or something. And of course, there’s like another department that’s in charge of music and they just have their cues and stuff. I don’t know what happened in our time frame, but our music hits. I look at Otis, he looks at me like ‘our we actually doing this?’ ‘I guess.’ I pull my cell phone out of my pocket, throw it on the floor of gorilla. He takes his can of dip out of his pocket, hands it to whoever’s standing there like that. And we go out, in basketball shorts and t-shirts, for the dark match. We go down, I think we take our shirts off or whatever, and we do it.”

Tucker was released from WWE recently, bug his dedication to the pro wrestling business showed during his time with WWE. The company eventually split up Heavy Machinery, but they certainly gave it everything they could to succeed. That also included one impromptu dark match when neither of them were ready at all.

What’s your take on Heavy Machinery? Should WWE have kept them together? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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