WWE is looking at SummerSlam yet again and they are bringing in some big names for the show. It is considered an all hands on deck situation as the company wants to make the biggest part of the summer this year’s “WrestleMania.”

John Cena is coming back to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. There is a reason why a huge name needs to be brought in, because the company has on huge babyfaces currently on the roster.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer dove into WWE’s current problem of only having top heels at this point. Kofi Kingston was inserted into the Universal Title picture for Money in the Bank out of nowhere, but that will not be the case for SummerSlam. WWE needs to continue calling those huge names because they only have them to call at this juncture. They have yet to elevate anyone else to that top level.

“Kofi Kingston was a tag mean guy most of the time, and it’s not like they were champions. So it’s not like they got all these babyfaces ready. I mean, SummerSlam is coming and it’s a bunch of, ‘who can we call for our championship match because we got nobody freaking ready for them?’ We got to call Goldberg or John Cena or whoever–Brock Lesnar– to come in and do main events because here we are with all these people under contract and we got no idea for main events on the number three show of the year.”

WWE needs to get someone ready for that main event spot, but it seems that building stars isn’t in their priority at this point. Creative needs to facilitate a push. A return of live fans will help Vince McMahon know who the WWE Universe wants to see in the main event, but that doesn’t mean he will listen.

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Felix Upton

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