Vince McMahon has taken a strategic step in managing his public image amidst the ongoing lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant.

According to POST Wrestling’s John Pollock and Brandon Thurston, McMahon has secured the services of Sitrick And Company, a prominent public relations firm.

In a confirmation of their involvement, attorney Michael S. Sitrick emphasized the firm’s extensive experience, highlighting their work with notable clients such as Kobe Bryant, Pepsi, Roy Disney, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Sitrick And Company’s reputation for handling high-profile cases underscores McMahon’s intent to address the allegations against him with a professional and strategic approach.

“The powerful firm is led by Michael S. Sitrick, who has been referred to as ‘one of the most accomplished practitioners of the dark arts of public relations’ by Fortune magazine, and ‘a public relations puppet master who has pulled the strings behind some of the biggest stories in media’ in an excerpt from the L.A. Times.”


The collaboration between McMahon and Sitrick And Company was facilitated by McMahon’s legal team at Kasowitz Benson Torres, headed by attorneys Marc Kasowitz and Jessica T. Rosenberg. Following thorough deliberation and investigation, Sitrick And Company decided to align with McMahon’s legal defense, marking a significant development in his efforts to navigate the legal proceedings.

Janel Grant’s legal representatives have recently filed motion to strike Vince McMahon’s preliminary statement, signaling the ongoing legal maneuvers in the case. As McMahon continues to address the allegations brought against him.

How do you think Vince McMahon’s decision to enlist Sitrick And Company will impact the ongoing lawsuit and his public image? Do you believe this strategic move will influence the trajectory of the legal proceedings or perceptions surrounding McMahon’s involvement? Share your insights and perspectives in the comments below!

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