AEW opened their doors and promised that fan clips will be protected. That has changed in a big way in recent months as Botchamania and other accounts have been targeted by the company for copyright infringement. These are targeted and some accounts have been deleted due to getting flagged too many times. It seems that the AEW fans might be taking things further than that.

AEW Botches is a popular Twitter account, and the name of the account speaks for itself. The account focuses on the shortcomings of AEW, and some fans might not appreciate that. The AEW Botches account tweeted out a few updates to let fans know what is going on behind the scenes. The account owner has been doxed and he blames AEW fans for coming at his wife along with Tony Khan for having no “f*cking shame.”

Quick update…A big thanks to everyone who’s been supporting this account…I had to deactivate it temporarily as one of the cultists figured out my identity and instead of confronting me directly that SOB sent harassing messages to my wife…

Apparently cultists had been offering money to dox me…coupled with the recent DMCA notices from AEW for GIFs…it’s becoming increasingly difficult to post…will find another way…thanks once again

oh btw the guy who’s been sending in the copyright infringement notices is on twitter and retweeting pirated clips of Dynamite through his profile…@TonyKhan have some f*cking shame…how long will you keep on suppressing those who point out the promotions flaws…

Joey Janela replied to a tweet talking about getting death threats and how “this isn’t funny, or a game dude.” The Bad Boy responded with: “It’s funny to me.”

We have reached out to some of the accounts that have been targeted and they explained that Botchamania was reinstated because of fan backlash. Most channels and accounts don’t have that kind of fan backing, because they are smaller. AEW has targeted several of those accounts without anyone noticing on a greater scale.

This is a messy situation as AEW seems to continue their mission to covertly target fan accounts. This is something that they said wouldn’t happen, but it seems that they are still going through with filing copyright claims whenever they see fit.

What do you think about AEW and AEW fans going after these accounts? Sound off in the comments!

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