AEW Will Not Go After Fans Who Pull Clips For Social Media

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WWE likes to own everything that makes it out there on the IWC. This has caused them to issue plenty of “take down” notices when a social media account uses their footage.

We could list accounts that WWE has ordered to have taken down all day, but it looks like AEW will not be doing the same.

Matt Jackson confirmed that AEW will not be going after fans who make gifs from their shows. In fact, they want fans to keep making them.

Your AEW GIFs are safe. Please keep making ‘em.

This is an excellent mindset and it honestly makes no sense for WWE to act the way they do about the same subject. After all, gifs are a great way to spread the message about what kind of great wrestling you have going on.

AEW obviously realizes this so we have yet another instance of AEW being a very fan-friendly company.

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