WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz has brought lot of attention to himself in recent months. He has taken on a very right-winged agenda and spouted unfounded and disproven Q-Anon conspiracy theories many times in a public forum, using his WWE influence at times to accomplish this.

Wuertz recently brought even more attention to himself when he appeared in a public meeting for Seminole County via a Zoom call where he said that child traffickers love face masks. You can see that video here.

According toFightful, Wuertz’s duties have been reduced in recent memory. He is no longer the head referee in NXT. That role now belongs to Darryl Sharma. He was also passed over for the job of timing matches in NXT as that spot went to Scott Armstrong.

Wuertz was also not offered the back-up position of timer. DA Brewer is doing that instead. It is also reported that Drake Wuertz was suspended in early 2021 and he wasn’t allowed in the Capitol Wrestling Center.


Wuertz was either formally or informally suspended earlier in 2021, and wasn’t allowed at the Capitol Wrestling Center for better or for worse for a short period of time.

It is reported that when Drake Wuertz returned to the WWE Performance Center, he “appeared to have subdued many mannerisms that got him ‘substantial heat.'”

Many in NXT are surprised that he is still with the company due to his radical beliefs. The video which went public today of Wuertz spreading anti-masker conspiracy theories likely won’t bode well for him.

Felix Upton

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