The world is a complicated place full of many different religions, and some of them don’t get along. Rising tension between Israel and Palestine has created an unsettling amount of anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence toward Jews. MJF is sick of that trend.

The Salt of the Earth recently logged into Twitter where he addressed the surge of hate crimes against Jewish people. He said in 2021 people are still being attacked in the streets for being Jewish. That is unacceptable and he invited those same people to “try him” next.

It’s 2021.

People are still being attacked in the streets for being Jews.

Well I’m a Jew and I’m proud of it.

F*cking try me.

MJF spoke out in the past about dealing with bias while he was growing up. He revealed in an eariler interview that teammates on his high school football team were angry about losing their spot to a Jewish kid. That only gave him more motivation to succeed which is still a fuel that helps him carry on to this day.

While leading the Pinnacle, MJF has The Inner Circle to worry about at Double or Nothing on May 30th. He will continue speaking out in the meantime to ensure that his voice is heard.

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