WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz makes lot of headlines over his controversial political views. He is no stranger to getting on a microphone and spouting unfounded QAnon conspiracy theories in a public forum. He also missed NXT this week so he could fight against mask mandates.

Wuertz is still employed by WWE, but that is not what his Wikipedia page showed for a while. Someone logged in and noted that Drake Wuertz was fired over his controversial political views.

David Bixenspan noted on Twitter that the person who edited this entry was a first-time Wikipedia editor from Seminole County Florida.

From the “probably just an amusing coincidence” file: The troll who edited Drake Wuertz’s Wikipedia page on Tuesday to say that he had been fired by WWE “for his controversial political views” was a first-time Wikipedia editor with an IP address in Seminole County, Florida.


We will have to wait and see if WWE really released Drake Wuertz from his contract. At this point it appears to have simply been the work of a troll. He wasn’t at NXT this week, but he had that meeting to speak at.

WWE hasn’t fired anyone over their political views yet. Drake Wuertz does cause a lot of attention his way, but there is also a reason why CM Punk joked about “QAnon Stable” in NXT.

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