Dylan Bostic really wants to fight Joey Janela in the boxing ring, but AEW’s Bad Boy isn’t taking the fight. We exclusively reported that Triller had reached out for information because they are “1000%” interested in knowing more about this situation. Janela has now commented on this situation to officially turn the fight down.

Joey Janela explained that he’s not taking the fight because of a tweet that Bostic sent out following Brodie Lee’s passing. That tweet had nothing to do with Brodie, but the timing of him complaining about AEW pay was terrible.

The entire AEW locker room dragged Bostic at the time. It was terrible situation and Dylan Bostic deleted the tweet. That stuck with Janela and he is using it as the reason to not fight him.

Janela made this very clear as he replied to a tweet from Bostic where he shared direct messages between the two of them.


Ignored this loser for the past few weeks, I sent this message after he used this platform while the AEW roster was mourning to make up a lie that he was stiffed on pay. Even if Triller offered me 500k I wouldn’t take the fight because I would never give you the publicity scumbag

Go look at his recent twitter feed absolutely pathetic human and just a top tier loser…. f*ck off

I will speak no more on this matter! Just needed to get that out there after weeks of this bullsh*t! Sorry!

Triller has deep pockets, but they only paid Ben Askren $500k for his Jake Paul fight. It’s doubtful that they would offer Janela the same payday. It seems that this boxing match between Bostic and Janela isn’t going to happen.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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