Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio had been lying low for quite some time but has finally made a comeback. He has a pending trial for kidnapping and sexual assault that he must deal with first. If convicted, Del Rio could go to jail for life. The charges have been dropped, but he still has a trial date.

While speaking to Lucha Libre Online’s Hugo Savinovic, Alberto Del Rio addressed the recent sexual abuse charges that were meted against him by another ex-girlfriend.

Alberto Del Rio was charged with one count of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault and was arrested back in May of last year. A says the charges were dropped by the ex-girlfriend in November last year.

Del Rio admitted that he cheated on his partner, leading to a lot of anger and resentment.

“It was a problem between my partner and I in which unfortunately I made a mistake; I committed infidelity in our own house that caused anger, resentment, and excessive hatred of the person who was supposed to be the woman of all my life, lifetime.”

Del Rio then stated that his ex-girlfriend dropped the charges within weeks of the initial report, adding that he wasn’t able to tell anyone about it due to the legal proceedings in place. He also denied rumors of being responsible for physical or sexual assault on his former partner and her son.

“After all the scandal happened, and I was accused of what I was accused of, she dropped the charges a few weeks later. Although I was dying to tell the world that my ex-partner had dropped the charges, I was not allowed to do so so as not to interfere with the case we are handling here in San Antonio, Texas.”

“She dropped the charges; she did not just drop them; she had the courage to speak to the authorities and told them that it was for domestic violence, but that at no time was there a kidnapping because we had lived together for a long time and that there was never an assault. Sexual, that this rumor that is out there is ridiculous, about me trying to affect her son, little Matías, the boy was not even in the house.”

Alberto Del Rio is set to face off against Andrade in an upcoming wrestling event in July. We will have to see how the match turns out.

We will continue monitoring this ongoing situation, because the last report was that Alberto is due in court on May 3rd.

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