The Four Horsemen tore up the pro wrestling business during their day, but they are not likely going to get back together according to Ric Flair.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Ric Flair was asked about a possible Horsemen reunion. He made it clear that everyone should be in the WWE Hall of Fame on their own accomplishments, but a reunion isn’t likely.

Money is a big factor in the situation, because everyone is represented by different people. There is a lot that they would have to work out that is sadly keeping this reunion from happening.

“I don’t think so. We’ve all gone our own way,” Flair admitted. “We’ve tried it a couple times, but everybody is represented by somebody else. There’s always a money issue, and every time we’ve done it, they’ve been successful, but I don’t see it happening now. First of all, let me go on record and say, Arn, Tully [Blanchard] and Barry [Windham] should all be in the Hall of Fame as individuals.”


“I thought they all had Hall of Fame careers as individuals. Barry Windham was just in another league. He was a 6’5”, 255 pound Ricky Steamboat. Arn and Tully could work and talk, but we don’t even stay in touch anymore. It just seems like that great 10-year time we had in life, it’s just gone by. I don’t feel like we’re close at all, but I’m glad. I’m happy for them that they’re over there (AEW). They both are smart.”

“Arn had a hell of a run here (WWE). I don’t even know what happened, but he had over 18 or 19 years being an agent. You’ve got to be good at what you do to be in that role. Maybe he burned out, who knows? I can see it. It’s going back and forth trying to help the talent, going and asking questions, trying to make sure everything fits in. It’s the most non-rewarding job in the world. I could never do it to be honest with you. I’m happy for all of them. Do I think we’ll ever get together? No, not again.”

Each member of the famous faction is now doing their own thing. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard are with AEW and WWE has Ric Flair under contract as well. You can never say never in pro wrestling, but Ric Flair seemed pretty confident fans shouldn’t hold their breath when it comes to a Four Horsemen reunion.

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