WWE sent down word that they will start handing out violations to talent who use their social media to plug other businesses, people, brands, or charities. This is yet another restrictive measure that the company is taking on Superstars’ social media accounts.

According to F4W Online, WWE’s new policy is not dissimilar to the edict that they put forth banning Superstars from third party deals. This policy is largely led to Zelina Vega’s firing.

The company had this policy on Cameo and Twitch as well. Superstars were told that they needed to sign over those accounts to the company. This ownership of Superstar social media accounts is allowed due to a clause in their contracts.

Superstars can take a photo in front of a car or other business, like a restaurant, and there would be no violation. It becomes a violation when they use a hashtag or directly mention the other company, brand, or business in the post. The post would have to be monetizing the accounts to be in violation as well.

WWE has a clause in their Superstar contracts that gives them ownership over the Superstars’ real names, stage names, social media accounts, and branding. We will continue monitoring this ongoing situation to see who gets popped with a violation first. It might happen without intending to break any rules since this is a brand new edict.

The phases of breaking new new rule from WWE is a warning, then a fine, and finally a suspension. No mention of releasing Superstars for breaking this policy was mentioned.

Felix Upton

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