Pat McAfee was largely regarded as the best promo in NXT during his run with the black and gold brand. CM Punk even used this to chastise the roster bit. McAfee’s absence from WWE was not due to any heat at all. He simply has a loaded schedule, especially around the Super Bowl.

McAfee used stories about his NXT departure to say that he was fired over Twitter. Those stories are greatly exaggerated according to Triple H.

During a recent conference call to promote TakeOver on Sunday, Triple H was asked about Pat McAfee’s current situation. McAfee’s issue is that he is in such demand that NXT couldn’t be worked into his incredibly busy schedule. Triple H also left a huge door open for the former NFL player’s return.

“As far as Pat McAfee… Pat’s limitations are that he’s a busy guy. Pat is one of the most successful – I hate to put a title on what he does because it’s limiting to him — podcaster media personality sports-world personality. Almost every weekend I look during football season, Pat seems to be trending on the weekends. His coverage of football, his association with FanDual — just everything that he does.”


“As you can imagine the playoffs and going into the Super Bowl was a very busy time for him. So, it was not a matter of — everybody leads into everything and they have a take on it and it leaks on the internet and everybody speculates. Pat loves that, as do we. You know, his learning about his firing on-air was greatly exaggerated.”

“Pat is just a busy dude. We talked about it. He said ‘give me a minute to breathe and when the Super Bowl is over,’ because he just got married not that long ago. He said ‘if I don’t take a breath after this Super Bowl I might not be married for much longer.’ You know, my words not his.”

“I think he needed to take a breather and I think if there’s something we can engage again — he loves it. That’s one thing I love about Pat. When you have somebody from outside who comes in and loves it, by outsider it’s so hard to consider him like that because he loves what we do. It’s hard not to consider him an insider.”

Triple H also took the opportunity to praise Bad Bunny for his work and attitude with WWE so far. He respects and loves the pro wrestling business, just like Pat McAfee.

WWE will likely see Pat McAfee’s return, but they will need to work around his incredibly demanding schedule.

Transcription by Ringside News

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