Bayley has battled plenty of opponents throughout her WWE career, and some fans would love to see her tangle with Kairi Sane again. That doesn’t seem possible at all now given The Pirate Princess’ current job status.

Kairi Sane left America and went back to Japan. She is still under the WWE umbrella, but she is no longer wrestling. Bayley wanted to make this point very clear, but she also pointed to the feather in her cap while she was at it.

One fan said that they would love to see Bayley and Kairi Sane wrestle once again. Bayley was quick to remind fans that it won’t happen because she retired Sane.

You won’t. I retired Kairi

Kairi Sane could wrestle again, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards right now. She seems very happy in Japan spending time with her husband and helping WWE in whatever role has for her. In the meantime, Then again, you never know what can be arranged with the Royal Rumble coming up very soon.

Bayley is going to continue using the fact that she put Sane out of commission to generate heat.

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