The Godfather was a part of the Nation Of Domination, but he went as Kama Mustafa. That faction had a few people come through, and the goal was to help everyone involved, but Ahmed Johnson wouldn’t listen to the advice they gave.

While speaking to Scheduled for Two Falls, The Godfather talked about his Nation Of Domination days. He pointed out that Mark Henry was green when he arrived, so they helped him out. The same was true for Ahmed Johnson, but he wouldn’t listen to what they had to say.

“We try not to include Ahmed in that group. The thing is, we all tried to help each other. We tried to help D’lo. When Mark Henry arrived he was really green and we tried to help him. We tried to do that with Ahmed Johnson and he wouldn’t listen. He was only in the business a year and he knew more than us who were in the business a long time. That was his problem. He wouldn’t listen. He knew everything and so we got him out of the Nation quick. When we jumped him out of the Nation, we really beat his a** for real. Ron Simmons was hitting him so hard with his belt that I actually said “Ron lighten up, Ron lighten up”. Ron was like “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no, I’m gonna get him some”

Ahmed Johnson was thought to be a future WWE Champion at one point. WWE obviously went another direction with him. He has since left the pro wrestling world, but it also makes us wonder how far Johnson would have gone if he only listened to advice.

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