WWE inducted Donald Trump in their 2013 Hall of Fame. He was not a United States President at the time, but that eventually changed for Trump. WWE also had to alter how they referred to Vince McMahon’s friend, because they didn’t talk about him at all.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s mindset concerning Donald Trump’s presidency. He does have support from the McMahon Family and others within the company, but their doctrine is to avoid talking about the POTUS due to how controversial he is.

“Ever since Trump got elected they’ve tried to straddle the fence because they know that their audience is very heavily skewed Mexican American, very heavily skewed African American, you know compared to [other sports] and lower income. A lot of their audience didn’t like Trump, and even though [the McMahon Family] did, it was like ‘never talk about Trump. Not on the website, never.’ They never talked about Trump. That was their doctrine because they read the landscape and they knew it would do them no good.”

“They didn’t want to rip him because Trump has a short fuse and he’d take it out on them, but they didn’t want to do anything to support him even though they did go to the [Oval] Office and they got those pictures with him. They didn’t talk about him on their website, and I’m sure from their standpoint right now their idea is ‘we don’t want to say anything.'”


If you were wondering why WWE went four years without mentioning Donald Trump, then there is your answer.

Donald Trump might have tried to get revenge on WWE if they poked fun at any of his issues as President of the United States. Vince McMahon knows his old pal Trump well.

That doctrine from WWE didn’t stop some Superstars from cracking jokes, especially Mick Foley. Ironically, Foley and Trump were both inducted into the same WWE Hall of Fame class, and Foley called for McMahon to remove the POTUS.

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