Cody Rhodes needs to keep in shape, and that meant he still had to hit the gym during filming for the Go Big Show. Snoop Dogg would always beat him to it.

The American Nightmare recently spoke to Talk Is Jericho about filming the Go Big Show among other things. He revealed that the production was really good about letting him use the gym inside their COVID-19 bubble. Snoop Dogg was always there first.

“You could go to the gym — We had a gym time which is hilarious, because not everyone went to the gym. They were really cool about letting people, I guess needed the gym more, go to the gym.”

“They always gave me a gym time every day. Snoop’s time was hilariously. 7:30 every morning and I thought, ‘Man, he’s the first up.’ I’d see on his Instagram and him doing shuttle runs out in the parking lot. He definitely keeps himself in shape and he had his crew there to keep him in shape.”


Snoop Dogg might not put off the impression that he’s dedicated to his morning workouts, but he needs to get that cardio in. His profession and recreation requires a lot of lung capacity. Cody Rhodes certainly seemed impressed.

In case you’re wondering, WWE is not upset at Snoop Dogg at all about his appearance on AEW Dynamite this week. Sasha Banks really loved his appearance as well.

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