Snoop Dogg’s AEW Dynamite appearance resulted in him taking splash off the top rope on Serpentico. That kind of high spot was not expected from Snoop Dogg last night at all. The Snake Man isn’t happy about it.

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Serpentico tweeted out on the morning after AEW Dynamite that he feels an injustice was carried out last night. He is going to contact Snoop Dogg’s agent about this issue.

So. Like.


Does SNAKEMAN’s agent contact Snoop’s agent or how does this injustice get rectified?

Cause, you know, SNAKEMAN wasn’t ready.

We’ll have to see if Snoop Dogg can get around to forming a reply for Serpentico. Odds are he’s not going to let it trouble him too much. Getting all worked up over things just isn’t Snoop Dogg’s style, but he certainly managed to upset Serpentico.

For the record, Sasha Banks, Snoop Dogg’s cousin, also commented on his splash. She said he needs some work.

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