Vince McMahon is the final deciding factor on anything that makes its way onto WWE television. This strategy hasn’t worked out for the best in recent memory.

Ringside News has covered in exclusive and detailed reports that WWE has big creative issue. The low viewership is almost supported by the backstage climate that McMahon created for himself. He is surrounded by “yes men,” mainly Bruce Prichard, and nobody will tell McMahon his ideas are wrong.

Vince Russo wouldn’t be afraid to tell Vince McMahon what he thinks, but Russo isn’t around anymore. During a recent episode of Legion of RAW, Russo went off about how Vince McMahon is not a television writer.

“This is it in a nutshell. I’m telling you. He (Vince McMahon) is not a television writer. He is not, bro; there is an art to television writing. And I’ll tell you that Chris, Ed Ferrara taught me a lot. Ed worked in Hollywood. He had written ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’, Weird Science, he had written a couple of movies. Ed was a television writer. So, Ed really took me under his wing when it came to that aspect of storytelling and characters.”


Vince McMahon has written RAW for decades, but Russo still doesn’t consider The Chairman a television writer. McMahon would probably disagree with that as he wears every hat possible in WWE, including writer.

We’ll have to see if Vince McMahon is able to turn around WWE creative. There are a lot of issues right now. The current global situation mixed with WWE’s creative as well as Vince McMahon’s political connections didn’t do the company any favors. As they come off of the lowest RAW viewership of all time, something needs to be done.

Felix Upton

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