WWE has a lot of Superstars on their roster who might benefit from a little focus from the creative team. If you ask Vince Russo, Drew Gulak needs a lot of work.

Drew Gulak is a beneficial part of the WWE roster, and he was someone that the company wanted to keep around. His contract ran up over the summer, but WWE signed him back almost immediately.

During a recent episode of Legion of RAW, Vince Russo didn’t hold anything back when talking about Drew Gulak’s current WWE character. He said that Gulak has “no character whatsoever” and he questioned why any fan would watch him.

“And speaking of character, seriously… I get it, Drew Gulak is a great worker, I understand, I get it. Please tell me one thing about Drew Gulak… one thing, give me one single character trait of Drew Gulak. One! One! Why am I not turning the channel during this match? Give me one reason. I don’t give a cr*p who wins this match. Neither guy is ‘over’, Garza’s character is giving a flower to a hot girl and Gulak has got no character whatsoever. And then when they (viewers) lose them here and turn over to the Monday Night Football, and then they’re gonna sit there and scratch their heads, ‘uhmmm, why did we lose the people at 8:45? What happened?’ You put on this match, that’s what happened! There’s no reason to watch it. None. Zero.”


We’ll have to see if Drew Gulak is able to do something interesting with his character to catch Vice Russo’s attention. At this point, it doesn’t seem that WWE has been able to work anything in the storyline that pops for their former writer.

Felix Upton

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