Keith Lee was sent back for additional training as part of the recent group of big men. Ringside News exclusively reported how Bruce Prichard buries NXT training to Vince McMahon, but there is another reason why Keith Lee was sent back for more polishing.

Ringside News asked around about why Vince McMahon included Keith Lee in that group. It was previously reported that talent assumed he got “caught up” in the group. They were “baffled.” We have been told that “Vince doesn’t see it in him.”

Right now, Vince McMahon can only go off of his feeling and what he’s told by those he’s willing to listen to, namely Bruce Prichard, Kevin Dunn, and a few select others. Those he’s willing to listen to say that Keith Lee needs work.

Keith Lee’s reception backstage could be much different if live fans were a part of WWE events once again. We were told, “we’re not in front of a live crowd. so Vince can only go by what he feels. or what Kevin Dunn says on headsets.”


WWE fans are no longer a factor during live shows. Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn control the audience’s reaction through the ThunderDome. If they want someone to come out with crickets as their ovation, then that is what will happen. The biggest pops are reserved for those who they want to get over.

The WWE Universe would likely give Lee a huge pop upon his entrance, and for his in-ring work. Vince McMahon doesn’t hear those live fans anymore, so he is limited to a few factors to determine who is really over.

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