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Tonight, the build continues for WWE TLC, taking place on Dec. 20. The show will be headlined by a triple threat #1 contenders match for the WWE Championship between Keith Lee, AJ Styles and Riddle.

Randy Orton will also be a guest on A Moment of Bliss, a week after The Fiend cost Orton a chance at the WWE title.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!


A Moment of Bliss segment

RAW opens up with A Moment of Bliss, with guest Randy Orton. Orton enters the ring, carefully approaching Bliss, who jokes that “somebody is in a foul mood.”

Bliss then throws to a replay of last week’s triple threat qualifying match, where the lights went out on Orton and The Fiend arrived, costing the former his match.

Bliss teases as to why The Fiend may have cost Orton his match, hinting on Orton and Wyatt’s past.

Orton touches on he and Bray Wyatt’s past, and notes that he hasn’t met The Fiend before, but that Wyatt wears his pain on his sleeve, while Orton surpasses his pain in order to blend in. Orton notes that he hears voices, as does The Fiend. “But the voices that The Fiend hears, they’re mine.”

Bliss says that’s not what The Fiend told her, but Orton interrupts, saying that he found what Bray Wyatt’s vulnerability is, and he “burned it to the ground.” Orton adds that he needs to find The Fiend’s weakness. He then looks right at Bliss and says he’s found The Fiend’s weakness.

Bliss asks if that’s what the voices in Orton’s head are telling him, or if they’re telling him lies. Bliss goes on: “who’s manipulating who?” The pair then stand face to face in the middle of the ring as the lights go down.

When the lights come up, Orton is holding Bliss as The Fiend crawls towards her and begs Orton to pass her off. Orton does so and says “who’s laughing now” with a smirk on his face. It appears he has found The Fiend’s weakness: Alexa Bliss. Great segment.

Transition to the announce desk, where the crew summarizes Jeff Hardy and Elias’ feud, which has involved a lot of guitar shots to the back. The pair will settle things once and for all in a symphony of destruction match after the break.

Back live for Hardy versus Elias. Hardy is out first followed by Elias.

Elias vs Jeff Hardy in a symphony of destruction match

Right hands from both men to start. Hardy off the ropes and a kick to the midsection of Elias followed by a clothesline over the top rope. Hardy goes for poetry in motion off the steps on the outside with a violin but gets hit with a running knee.

Elias puts Hardy on his shoulders and slams him onto the apron. He then goes to open up a grand piano, only to find R-Truth inside. The 24/7 champ bails as Drew Gulak, Lince Dorado and company all come out to chase him. They get hit with guitars by Hardy and Elias for their trouble. Commercial break.

Back live, Hardy is in control with a downstairs drop kick and splash for a near fall. Elias counters by aggressively throwing Hardy into the top turnbuckle, where a guitar had been set up. Hardy kicks out at two. Elias then uses guitar picks as brass knuckles, hitting Hardy with three, followed by an eye rake.

Elias takes Hardy to the outside, slamming him into a drum kit and then the post. He goes for a running knee into the barricade and a gong, but misses. Hardy then throws him into the same drum kick that was used earlier.

Hardy throws Elias in the ring and goes to hit him with a guitar, but Elias stops the attempt. He goes for an electric chair power bomb but Hardy counters. Hardy goes to the top for whisper in the wind but gets smashed in the face by a guitar. Elias into the cover but Hardy kicks out at two.

Elias goes to hit Hardy with the butt end of the guitar that was smashed a second ago, but Hardy ducks and Elias hits a bunch of wiring and an amp explodes. Hardy then hits Elias with a bassoon and puts him on a table, adding a bunch of string instruments on top. Swanton bomb connects, and it’s all over.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

To the back, where Keith Lee is prepping for his triple threat match tonight. Riddle shows up, hyping up the #1 contenders match. He keeps going on and on and is rambling heavy. The camera pans back to Lee, but he’s gone. Commercial break.

Back live for Ricochet versus Slapjack. First, there’s a replay of Ali beating Ricochet from three weeks ago.

To the back, with Ali and RETRIBUTION. Ali says that just like Ricochet, promises that were made to him turned into lies and dreams turned into nightmares. “Why can’t you see what I see?” Slapjack then speaks, saying that while the rest of the world rejected him, Ali saw him for who he was. Ali says that tonight, Slapjack will make Ricochet pay for not joining them.

Ricochet enters the ring. As this is happening, we get a pre-tape with him cutting a promo, saying that in order to show that Ali is going about things the wrong way, he needs to prove that he’s the better wrestler. Decent storyline I guess. Commercial break.

Back live for Slapjack’s entrance alongside Ali.

Ricochet vs Slapjack

Both men trade shots. Slapjack gets the upper hand in the corner and hits a running senton. Slapjack slowing the pace now with a rest hold, but Ricochet gets back in it with a dropkick. Heavy shots and a running knee followed by a flying axe handle and a standing shooting star for a near fall.

Ali summons for Mace and T-Bar to come from the back. Ricochet sees it coming and lands a dive on both men over the top. As Ali tries to get Slapjack’s attention in the ring, Dana Brooke randomly shows up and slaps Ali.

Slapjack takes advantage of the distraction with a roll-up for two. Chaos continues to ensue on the outside, and slapjack lands a modified back suplex for the three.

Winner: Slapjack

Segway to a replay of Drew McIntyre beating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. He’ll be live for an exclusive interview later. Commercial break.

Miz TV segment

Back live for Miz TV. The Miz says he was able to make some phone calls and got an exclusive interview with Sheamus, who’s in action later tonight — teaming with Drew McIntyre against Miz and Morrison. Sheamus enters.

There’s some awkward banter before Miz finally gets to the point: dissecting Sheamus and Drew’s relationship. Miz is trying to plant seeds of dissension after Sheamus gifted Drew his family chest and got nothing in return.

Sheamus says it was Drew’s family chest and that he doesn’t need anything in return as the pair go way back. The Miz tells Sheamus that Drew should’ve given him a title shot since they’re best friends. He adds that he would give Morrison the first shot if he was champ.

Miz then goes on, trying to get Sheamus to turn on his partner tonight so that he can cash in his money in the bank. Sheamus isn’t having any of it, but Miz gets serious, asking him when the last time was that he held the WWE Championship, and mocking how short his run was from five years ago. Sheamus stands up and is pissed, He throws shots at Miz and Morrison, but Miz uses his briefcase to bring down Sheamus, hitting him twice in the back. End of segment.

Transition to Lana’s feud with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. We get a replay of the tag match between the three and Asuka from last week. Lana is in the back now with Asuka, who is talking to her in Japanese. The pair take on Jax and Baszler in a rematch next. The faces are out first. Commercial break.

Back live as the heels are interviewed prior to entering the ring. They’re asked about last week, their first loss as a team. Jax says that the loss was a fluke, but Baszler says she was too busy worrying about Asuka, while Jax failed to put Lana through a table. Jax reminds Baszler that she took the pinfall loss. A bit of disarray amongst the pair, who are dedicated to getting back on the same page. They enter.

Lana and Asuka vs Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Baszler and Lana start. Lana with an impressive mat work, leading to a pinfall attempt. Lana tags in Asuka. The pair go for tandem baseball slides on the heels on the outside, but they’re caught and thrown in synchronization into the barricade. Commercial break.

Back live, Lana jumps on Jax’s back with a sleeper, but Jax throws her down and hits a short arm elbow. Big beal into the corner and a fierce shoulder tackle. Jax tags in Baszler, who locks in a shin lock followed by a shot to the ankle. Jax is legal now. She throws Lana into the barricade on the outside and goes to toss her into the ring post, but Lana counters, sending Jax head first.

Shayna is tagged in, but Lana is able to get to Asuka who runs wild with hip attacks on both women. Asuka goes for a shining wizard but Baszler evades. Both women’s high kicks land, but Asuka is able to tag in Lana. She goes for a cross body, but Baszler counters into the kirifuda clutch. As Lana is fading, Asuka lands a hip attack and Lana capitalizes, pinning Baszler.

Winners: Lana and Asuka

To the back, where Sheamus is nursing his attack from earlier. Drew arrives and pokes fun at him. Sheamus says “if the roles were reversed I would do the same thing.” It’s all fun and games as the pair prep for their tag match later.

To the ring for The New Day, who are in action against The Hurt Business next.

Back live, Kofi announces that Xavier Woods has been announced as the new host of G4. Woods thanks all of his fans, and in an effort to practice his hosting, he gives a run down of The Hurt Business failing to secure the tag titles three times.

Woods throws to a replay from two weeks ago, commentating the finish with The New Day retaining the belts, he does the same for last week’s match. The Hurt Business have heard enough and enter.

MVP says the pair are in need of a wake up call, saying that the team’s math is off, and that they’re 2-2 after the ref raised their hands following a count out win. MVP says their title reign will soon end as a distant dream. Shelton adds to the hype from MVP and Cedric closes by saying that Woods’ luck is about to run out. “That G4 gig you got, I hope it’s a dream come true, because this is about to be your nightmare.”

Cedric attacks Woods from behind prior to their singles match starting as we head to commercial.

Xavier Woods vs Cedric Alexander

Back live, Woods is in control. He chops down Cedric and goes for a DDT from the middle rope, but gets thrown into the top rope instead. Cedric rakes the eyes of Woods and lays down elbows.

Cedric locks in a submission, but Woods counters, landing two heavy chops. Alexander takes back control with a head lock takedown. Woods is back up, and lands a number of quick chops in succession followed by a forearm shiver and a kick to the face. Low kick now, followed by a modified bronco buster off the second rope to the outside. Woods with an honour roll for a near fall. He’s in full control.

Woods goes for a power bomb, but Cedric reverses into a brain buster for a close two. Both men are fighting near the apron. Woods is thrown to the outside as Cedric goes for a suicide dive. Woods spots it at the last second and throws Cedric into the barricade. Both men get back into the ring at a count of eight. Cedric is up first and hits a lumbar check for the three.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

We get another replay for AJ beating Orton after a distraction from The Fiend. To the back where Styles is with his bodyguard Omos. Riddle shows up, and is laid back. AJ reminds him how serious this match is. “You better hop out of the way skipper, because I’m getting this carrot tonight,” says Riddle, who starts joking about Styles’ nickname, causing Omos to laugh as well. AJ leaves, pissed off.

To the ring for the #1 contenders sudden death triple threat. Lee is out first. AJ and Riddle will enter after the break.

Back live as AJ and Riddle make their entrance.

Keith Lee vs Riddle vs AJ Styles in a sudden death triple threat #1 contenders match

Riddle goes for AJ right away, who ducks to the outside. Riddle takes him out as Lee goes for a dive, but the other two men see it coming. Lee goes for AJ on the outside, but it doesn’t pay off. Back in the ring, Riddle takes out both men with kicks, but gets downed on a shot to the throat from AJ right after.

Riddle and Styles target Lee, but he jumps over both men, showing his athleticism. He then takes out Riddle with a cross body and isolates him in the corner. AJ enters the ring again but is tossed into Riddle for his troubles. Big back body drop follows.

Riddle goes for open palm strikes on Lee, but he’s not having any of it, attacking the arm of Riddle. Riddle throws Lee to the apron, but the big man slams Riddle’s head into the top turnbuckle.

On the outside, Omos distracts Lee, which allows Riddle to take advantage. He lands a floating bro on AJ and Lee as we head to commercial.

Back live, Riddle lands sentons on both men in the ring. He goes for a second on AJ, but he gets the knees up. In the meantime, Lee aggressively throws AJ into the bottom of the post and to the outside.

Lee works over Riddle heavy again. Riddle locks in an arm bar, but Lee is too strong. AJ gets back in the ring to break things up, but once again Lee over powers both men, including a pounce to Riddle.

AJ with a spinning back fist to Lee and a flying forearm smash, but Lee kicks out at two. AJ to the top, however Lee head butts him in the chest. Both men to the top — Riddle breaks things up but gets a suplex for his troubles. All three men are swinging at each other now, Overhead kick from Riddle to AJ followed by a German. Kick out at two by AJ.

Lee goes for a suplex on Riddle, but he lands on his feet. The pair trade shots, with Riddle downing Lee with a running knee. Out of nowhere, AJ lands a phenomenal forearm from the outside for the pin on Riddle.

Winne and #1 contender: AJ Styles

To the back with The Miz and Morrison, who are interviewed about what transpired on Miz TV earlier in the night. Charly Caruso notes that their plan weaken Sheamus and Drew backfired, and asks what their plan is for later tonight. Miz is unfazed, rattling off facts without presenting a plan. He and Morrison awkwardly walk off after Caruso makes note of this.

Back to the ring, where Dana Brooke is set to take on Reckoning (Mia Yim). Reckoning was responsible for taking Brooke out of Survivor Series, which led to Brooke slapping Ali earlier tonight, as well as this match. Reckoning will enter after the break.

Back live, Reckoning is in the ring. She has a message for Brooke, saying “In RETRIBUTION we don’t play games. When we have a problem we annihilate it.”

Reckoning vs Dana Brooke

Brooke is all over Reckoning right from the jump. She throws Reckoning into the corner, but she reverses into a clothesline. Reckoning with a knee to the back of Brooke, grounding her. She transitions to a chin lock. Brooke breaks the hold, landing two elbows and a clothesline.

Ali tries to distract Brooke after a cartwheel shot in the corner but it doesn’t work as she rolls up Reckoning for the three.

Winner: Dane Brooke

Post match. Ali is furious. He says there’s no failure in RETRIBUTION.

Backstage, Miz and Morrison congratulate AJ on his win. Morrison offers a peach pie because AJ is from Georgia. AJ accepts the offer for help for later tonight, saying it would be a lot easier to beat Miz than Drew if Miz was able to cash in this evening. AJ smiles and holds up the pie, but Omos says “that’s not a pie, it’s a cupcake. Amusing.

We get a replay of Drew pinning Orton to reclaim the WWE Championship. He’s live next for an exclusive in-ring interview. Commercial.

To the back with Riddle, who’s pitching business ideas to MVP. He says his ideas are ridiculous and he’s glad that he lost. Riddle shoves MVP in the face, but Lashley comes out of nowhere, securing the hurt lock. That could be a great program.

Still in the back, this time with Lee and Sheamus. Further seeds are planted about Drew and Sheamus having each other’s back for later tonight. The Miz’s money in the bank contract lurks as a sub-storyline.

To the ring, where Drew is interviewed. He’s asked to reflect on beating Orton for the title and then losing to Roman at Survivor Series.

Drew says that sometimes you have to get knocked on your ass to find out what you’re truly made of. He also told Roman Reigns that he was going to humble him, and that’s exactly what he did. Drew says Roman’s confidence turned to frustration and fear because “he knew I was unlike anyone he’d fought before.”

Drew notes that the pair’s paths will cross again and that Roman may have won the battle due to Jey Uso’s interference, but he hasn’t won the war.

Drew is then asked how he keeps his eyes on Styles with The Miz’s money in the bank contract looming. Drew says his match with AJ will be phenomenal, and that the money in the bank contract is the only thing keeping Miz relevant. He tells him he’ll take the briefcase and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Sheamus then enters. The pair take on Miz and Morrison after the break.

Miz and Morrison vs Drew McIntyre and Sheamus

Drew and Sheamus get the upper hand right away. Interesting to note that AJ is at the announce desk for this one.

Drew with a fierce shoulder block on Morrison, who takes an inside out bump. Sheamus is tagged in, landing a high knee on Morrison followed by ten beats on The Miz.

Sheamus with a fireman’s carry drop on Miz and Morrison. He’s taunting AJ now. AJ stands up and confronts Sheamus on the outside as Miz takes another bump from Sheamus. Omos distracts Sheamus long enough for Morrison to land a baseball slide dropkick though as we head to commercial.

Back live, Miz lands a DDT on Sheamus for a near fall. He follows up with knees to the back and an aggressive headlock. Morrison is tagged back in. Knee from Miz is followed by a kick from Morrison for a near fall.

Morrison tries to lock in a rear naked choke as Sheamus fights to get to the corner. He battles out with an elbow followed by a pump knee. Both men are down.

Drew and Miz both tag in. Drew with a belly to back from one side of the ring to the other and the same for Morrison, Neck breaker to Miz now, as Sheamus motions for a tag, but Morrison pulls him away and throws him over the barricade.

Back in the ring, AJ lands a phenomenal forearm on Drew which results in a DQ.

Winners: Drew and Sheamus

AJ wants Miz to cash in his briefcase so that he can face him instead of Drew. Morrison with starship pain and Miz with a skull crushing finale. Miz tells the ref he’s cashing in, but before it can occur, Drew sends Morrison flying and lands a claymore on Miz.

It’s just AJ and Drew in the ring now. Before Drew or AJ can do anything, Omos grabs AJ, who says that Drew is a lucky man. End of program.

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