WWE handed down a ban on third party content meaning Superstars had to exit Twitch and Cameo. This was followed by a fair amount of outrage.

We previously reported that Bruce Prichard and Brad Blum backed Vince McMahon’s decision to ban Superstars from third party websites. This report was met with some pushback behind the scenes in WWE.

Bodyslam reports that initial word about Bruce Prichard being a backer of Vince McMahon’s third party ban was not received well. They were given a quote on the matter which pointed blame at WWE Superstars for not negotiating their own Twitch and Cameo accounts into existing contracts.

“This isn’t a case of Bruce being ‘allowed’ to keep his podcast. He negotiated it as part of his deal to come back to the company. To think he wouldn’t want others to have outside opportunities is silly. Styles and others could have negotiated their Twitch presence and other third parties during their re-signing negotiations.”


It is important to note that WWE’s third party ban just came down in a past several weeks. No WWE Superstar with a Twitch account has signed a new deal to our knowledge. This eliminated that opportunity for them to work Twitch and Cameo into their contracts in the first place.

Bruce Prichard let WWE know that his podcast wasn’t ending when he returned, and that was agreed upon. Any WWE Superstar who is upset about this fact can apparently take it up with Vince McMahon when it’s time to talk about their next contract.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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