WWE considers their Superstars “independent contractors,” but that has never really been challenged in court. Lance Storm’s account didn’t seem to think that WWE’s consideration of their Superstars holds much water.

Maria Kanellis listed off several things that WWE makes their Superstars pay for. Lance storm then joined the conversation and he revealed that his account refused to file his taxes as an independent contractor because they do not fit the criteria.

“My accountant refused to file my taxes with me as an Independent contractor. Said I didn’t fit the criteria. When I told him that’s what my contract says he replied, “You can sign a contract that says you’re a duck, it doesn’t make you one.”

Storm then said: “When you have a great unique job that pays well, you tend to follow the rules.” That is the situation WWE Superstars face.


Lance Storm also replied to a question asking if Superstars feel “taken advantage of.” WWE is a very unique situation, and Vince McMahon makes the rules that they must follow. In the end, Storm would do it all over again.

When you are doing the job you most want to do and making a good living, you tend not to think about it. Seldom in life is everything ideal, or as fair as it should be. I’d do it all over again, I loved wrestling and would absolutely do it again under the same circumstances.

Andrew Yang promised that he will do something about how WWE treats their Superstars if Joe Biden is elected President. We’ll have to see how that turns out for everyone involved. WWE will continue doing as they please in the meantime and their Superstars understand the rules

Felix Upton

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