Maria Kanellis Details What WWE Makes Superstars Pay For Out Of Their Own Pockets


Mike and Maria Kanellis were released from WWE on April 15th along with so many others. She has not forgotten about how the company let her go, and how they were treated in the meantime.

Kanellis recently tweeted out that her insurance depends on Joe Biden winning the presidential election. She said: “as an “independent contractors” my husband’s, mine and our two babies healthcare depends on it. Insurance companies don’t really like insuring wrestlers.”

One fan tweeted out to Maria Kanellis asking her if WWE ever provided insurance. They admitted to being sarcastic, but Kanellis still had a lot to say on the matter.

No. No benefits, no vacation time, no unemployment, no union, no childcare, no retirement, and we pay for our own rental car, food, tolls, etc… all expenses are paid by us and not reimbursed by WWE.

WWE treats their independent contractors unlike any other company. Andrew Yang promised that if Joe Biden wins the presidential election then he will fight to change how Vince McMahon does business. It won’t change what Maria Kanellis went through, but odds are she would welcome the change for others.

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