The Young Bucks are among images and people who are banned from the WWE ThunderDome. This was revealed in behind-the-scenes video of the ThunderDome’s production. A lot of fans commented on this, and the Jackson brothers noticed.

The Young Bucks’ official Twitter account posted a couple of images. They put up a photo of their own head shots to compare them with those which appear next to the ThunderDome control panel. It checks out and really appears like they are banned.

They didn’t include any caption, but those photos certainly seemed to tell the story. The Young Bucks are banned from the ThunderDome, and they know it. It might not bother them too much though. If anything, they likely got a good laugh out of it.

Kenny Omega is also likely banned since he actually got in the ThunderDome. Omega didn’t realize it would be big deal. He loves pro wrestling and just wanted to be a part of the virtual fan experience.

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H Jenkins

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