Andrew Yang Says ‘Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars’ Came Out Of WWE Superstars’ Pockets

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Former US Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is not a fan of the way WWE does business. He promises that if Joe Biden win the Presidential Election on November 3rd then Vince McMahon’s company will have to change certain things. Their contracts might also be part of that change.

Talk Is Jericho recently had Andrew Yang on the show, and he spoke about WWE’s contracts. He said that the company’s deals are “very long and robust” by design. He then went on to say that the way their controlling contracts are set up have saved the company “hundreds of millions of dollars” throughout the years. 

“Someone sent me the WWE contract. It is very very long and robust. It’s a very long contract. The amount of control that the WWE has is incredibly high. It has made them or save them tens of millions of dollars [or] hundreds of millions of dollars over the life of the company, and that money came directly from the pockets of the performers.”

We have to wonder who sent Andrew Yang a WWE contract, but there are a couple of possible candidates. Both Paige and Zelina Vega tweeted out messages about how interesting unionizing sounds.

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