Bayley Says She’s Not Signing Hell In A Cell Contract To Face Sasha Banks


Bayley has a match on Sunday at Hell in a Cell, but she’s not very happy about it. The SmackDown Women’s Champion hasn’t even signed the contract, nor does she intend to.

While speaking to ProSieben MAXX out of Germany via webcam, Bayley gave the indication that she might not even show up on SmackDown this week. She said that she might have things to do. WWE is still promoting her for a segment regardless of how she feels about the situation.

I’m not signing that contract, guys. I’m not playing Sasha’s games. Maybe I don’t wanna go to SmackDown. Maybe I have things to do today. I’m very busy with my interviews because as a champion I have to fulfill my duties so I don’t even think Sasha could handle all of this, so we’ll see.

Bayley and Sasha Banks had a great Summer which launched Bayley to the top spot of PWI’s Top 100 Women Wrestlers of the year. Odds are she’ll end up signing that contract, but all bets are off when they step inside Hell in a Cell.

Speaking of betting, Sasha Banks is currently the only challenger at Hell in a Cell who is a betting favorite to win a title this Sunday. Stay tuned.

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