Retribution is now in WWE and the company is cutting those members checks to ensure that they continue dismantling WWE from the inside. T-Bar explained how it all works, but Eric Bischoff isn’t buying it.

During his After 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff said: “I think it sucks” when asked about Retribution. He didn’t hold anything back.

Bischoff then followed that point by asking “where is the story and what is it?” He was very confused by the whole thing. This is especially notable considering how many fans have pointed a finger at Retribution as a rehashing of the nWo.

“Why are they there? What’s the story? What is the inciting incident? What is the motivation? What is the reason that they’re there? …It maybe had the potential of being a good idea before it wasn’t.”

“I’ve learned this over the last 10-15 years more than I knew it at the time when I was actually in the business. Whatever storyline you’re going to launch, whatever character you’re going to launch, that angle, that story has to begin with either an inciting incident – as you would say in the film industry – or an angle, as you would refer to it probably in wrestling. But there has to be a reason for it. You have to be able to answer the question, ‘Why?’”

Eric Bischoff might not get it, but Retribution is still a work in progress. WWE still has time to correct a lot of things that they might be missing right now. Let’s just see if adding Reckoning and Retaliation to the mix will do any good.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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