This is Ringside News’ live results coverage of AEW Dynamite, which kicks off at 8 PM EST.

Tonight’s Dynamite is set to be a jam-packed show, the biggest match of which is Thunder Rosa Vs. Ivelisse for the NWA Women’s World Title. Personally I don’t like having other promotion’s titles on your show, but Thunder Rosa is so far ahead of AEW’s women, that I won’t complain. Ivelisse was awkward and sloppy on her Dynamite debut, but maybe Rosa can pull a good match out of her tonight.

Best Friends will face Santana & Ortiz in a Parking Lot Fight, all over the head of Trent’s mom’s van. Yes that’s what wrestling is now in 2020 but people seem to enjoy it so… Elsewhere, FTR battles Jurassic Express with a title shot on the line, Hangman Page faces Frankie Kazarian, Chris Jericho teams with Jake Hager to face Private Party, and we’ll get promos from Lance Archer, Jon Moxley, and the former-Bulgarian-brute-turned-Gucci-gamer, Miro. Can you contrain your excitement?

That’s my salty preview for AEW Dynamite, the show begins at 8PM and we’ll have live updates as the show happens. Chime in below and let me know why AEW is great and enjoy the show!


Dynamite opens with Jurassic Express already in the ring. Out come The Young Bucks and they just superkick the referee and walk back down the tunnel. Backstage they walk past Tony Khan and toss a stack of bills at him – still no explanation of who Tony Khan is for the casual viewer. FTR laugh as the Bucks walk past, then make their entrance.

FTR W/Tully Blanchard Vs. Jurassic Express W/Marko Stunt

The match starts with Dax and Jungle Boy, and Harwood takes him down quickly and tags Cash. FTR make quick tags until Jungle Boy catches Dax with an arm-drag and goes to a submission. Luchasauras tags in and FTR take a step back. For a minute, Sauras actually works like a big guy, laying in some hard shots, catching Dax with a powerslam in mid-air.

Body slam and a tag from Luchasauras, and JB hits a splash from off his shoulders for a two-count. Dax fights out of a submission and whips JB hard to the corner, then drops him with a back elbow. Cash tags in but Jungle Boy sends them both of the ring with a double hurricanrana. JB looks to hit a dive but Cash runs back in, ducks him, and catches him with a powerslam for a two-count.

Wheeler uses a broken arrow stretch to Jungle Boy, then he and Dax isolate him in their corner and beat him down. Jungle Boy rallies and almost reaches the dino but gets caught with a front suplex from Dax. Jungle Boy drops Dax with a clothesline and makes the tag, as does Dax.

Cash eats chops to the chest, Dax gets a pump kick, and both get dropped with a clothesline. Sauras throws Cash into Dax, then Chokeslams Cash and hits a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Jungle Boy tags in as Sauras hits some big kicks, and he hits a running knee for a near-fall on Dax.

Dax dodges a clothesline and hits a back suplex. Cash tags in and lifts Jungle Boy but gets rolled-up for two, then eats a kick. Dax comes in but Jungle Boy rolls him up over and over again. Dax tosses JB to the apron, but the kid kicks him back and hits a flying crossbody. Dax hits a big European uppercut but JB returns the favour.

JB continues to attempt roll-ups meanwhile Luchasauras dives over the barricade onto the fans because Cash moved. JB hits a suicide dive to Dax, then flips over the ropes for a sunset flip to Dax, but Cash rolls them over and holds onto Dax to secure the pinfall!

Winners: FTR

We cut backstage and Private Party are there with Matt Hardy, lying down and holding his leg. Kassidy and Quen say they don’t know what happened but then Jericho and Hager run up and feign concern. Jericho has his bat and says he’ll see the kids later.

*Commercial Break*

Kenny Omega has joined the commentary team for the next match.

Frankie Kazarian Vs. Adam ‘Hangman’ Page

They lock-up stiffly and Hangman forces Frankie to the corner. Kazarian pops out and takes Page down, then applies an awkward rear naked choke that Hangman immediately slips out of. Frankie takes him down with a headlock but Hangman shoots him off and drops him with a shoulder.

Hangman impressively catches Kazarian and hits a body slam. Page puts him in the corner and chops his chest, then hits a suplex. Kazarian throws a few punches, then whips Hangman to the corner. Page flips him over to the apron, then clotheslines him off and hits a dive over the ropes.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Hangman is fighting up from a submission. They trade hands, and cut each other off running to the ropes. Double clotheslines, then Hangman counters a German suplex and hits a big lariat. Page punches him back a few times, whips him to the corner, and hits a fallaway slam.

Hangman hits a standing shooting star press for a near-fall. Kazarian hits some elbows, then a DDT coming from the apron inside. Frankie looks for an Unprettier but Hangman shoves him off. Kazarian with a backslide pin attempt but Page stands up and flips him over. Kazarian does hit the Unprettier for a near-fall. Hangman looks for a roll-up but gets kicked off, and he immediately follows-up with a lariat on the floor. Hangman lifts Frankie for a Death Valley Driver of sorts. Kazarian slams Page for a two-count, then signals for the end.

Frankie body slams Page, then looks for a springboard but Hangman catches him for a powerbomb and a near-fall! Hangman goes to the apron but Frankie slides through his legs to the floor. Page misses a moonsault and Frankie throws him to the apron, only for Page to bounce back with a lariat. Page gets him inside, they fight by the apron and Page finally hits the Buckshot Lariat for the win!

Winner: Adam Page

After the match Kenny Omega gets up and leaves the commentary table. Hangman looks for him but he’s gone, so he takes a drink.

*Commercial Break*

MJF W/Wardlow Vs. John Dean

MJF pokes his eyes right as the bell rings and then applies the Salt of the Earth for the win.

Winner: MJF

Wardlow comes into the ring and throws Dean out. MJF says there’s one thing we can agree on: MJF is an honest man. The crowd boo and chant “no you’re not”. MJF reminds everyone that Moxley cheated and says they can’t handle the truth. He says he should still be undefeated, he should be the AEW World Champion. He wants to be known henceforth as the undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned AEW World Champion. MJF makes Justin Roberts announce him as such.

MJF continues, he can’t get a fair shake. You have to be in a group or stable to get a push in AEW, and he’s always fancied himself a lone wolf. But maybe it’s about time he join a wolfpack. Regardless of what he decides to do though, he’s still better than us.

We get a corny video highlighting the devastating nature of Ricky Starks’ finishing moves, and why they’re so deadly.

Eddie Kingston comes out alongside Lucha Bros, The Butcher, and The Blade. He says he never lost the battle royale and he should be getting the shot at Moxley. Also, they’re not a stable, they’re a family. He says they are a family of violence and they are agents of chaos. Butcher and Blade then attack some of the wrestlers at ringside. He says they’re all good, but The Blade has to “get his house in order”, and thus ends this lame ass segment.

*Commercial Break*

Private Party Vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

We start the match with Hager and Quen, and they lock-up with Jake powering him to the corner. Quen jumps over Hager and tags Kassidy, then they hit a double-team bulldog/drop toe hold. Jericho gets thrown to the apron, knocked off, then Private Party do the only thing they can…dive.

Kassidy hits a tope to Hager back inside, then tags Quen and they hit a double-team suplex. Hager counters Quen and hits a big boot before tagging Jericho. Y2J slows things down and chops Quen, then his double forearms. Back suplex earns Jericho a two-count, then he makes a tag to Hager. Jake drops Quen and taunts him, but Marc comes off the middle rope with a dropkick and we get tags to both corners.

Kassidy comes in flying against Jericho, dropkicks Hager off the apron, and hits a springboard moonsault to Y2J. Kassidy looks to hit a springboard but Hager swipes his feet and he falls. Jericho baseball slides Kassidy off the apron, then Hager literally misses the rope trying to climb onto the apron. Hager attacks Kassidy at ringside as we take a break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Jake is beating on Kassidy, then takes a sleeper hold. Hager holds Kassidy down with a knee and punches him, then takes a sleeper again. Kassidy fights up and tries to jump over Hager, apparently, to make a tag but gets caught and slammed. Hager knocks Quen off the apron, but Private Party hit a really slow, dumb Silly String.

Tags to Jericho and Quen and Y2J gets hit with clotheslines, atomic drop, and a dropkick. Hager gets caught with a dropkick as well and Quen hits a dive over the ropes onto him. Quen hits a springboard crossbody to Jericho, tags Kassidy, and they hit Poetry In Motion, followed a neckbreaker/double stomp for two.

Hager runs at Kassidy but misses and hits Jericho instead. Hager then throws Kassidy up in the air and he catches Jericho with a hurricanrana. Quen clotheslines Hager over the ropes to the floor. Kassidy forearms Jericho a few times, Y2J misses the Judas Effect, then Kassidy hits a springboard Stunner and rolls out of the ring. Kassidy goes up top and misses a Swanton Bomb, and Jericho hits the Judas Effect for the win.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Jericho continues attacking Kassidy after the match, then applies the Liontamer. Quen comes in and drops Jericho, so Hager pulls Y2J out of the ring and they leave.

*Commercial Break*

NWA Women’s Championship

Thunder Rosa Vs. Ivelisse W/Diamante

The bell rings and Ivelisse swings a kick, then catches one from Rosa. Ivelisse hits an arm-drag, then Rosa hits one, then they both try and it looks silly. Ivelisse swings super slow, awful punches and Rosa avoids them, then Ivelisse slaps her. Rosa hits a springboard arm-drag, then a dropkick.

Ivelisse slaps Rosa’s chest, then hits a springboard arm-drag. Ivelisse hits a bad kick followed by a bad hurricanrana and they stare at each other and smile. Rosa hits a dropkick, then a flying forearm in the corner. Rosa hits a face wash for a two-count. They trade backslide attempts, then Ivelisse hits a knee and covers for two. Ivelisse kicks Rosa from the apron and adjust her hair as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and they’re trading shots like Kazarian and Page. Rosa drops her and gets fired-up – Shida is watching at ringside. Rosa forces Ivelisse to the corner and hits a clothesline. Rosa then hits double knees in the corner. Ivelisse hits a powerbomb for a two-count.

Rosa hits a Russian leg sweep, then rolls backwards into a crossface. Ivelisse gets to the ropes, then jumps up, goes to the apron and hits attempts a springboard but Rosa catches her for a Death Valley Driver a near-fall. Ivelisse hits a snapmare and a kick to the face, then Rosa catches her for a Tombstone and wins.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Damn, Ivelisse just isn’t very good. The match got better as it went but Ivelisse is super sloppy. Diamante runs in after the match and knocks Rosa out of the ring. Shida then comes in – with the title around her head – and tosses Ivelisse into Thunder Rosa and they fall out of the ring. Shida lifts the NWA Women’s toy Championship and stares at it before handing it back.

Kip Sabian is with Miro and Penelope Ford, and Miro is bench-pressing. Kip says they aren’t just the best gamers. Miro gets up and says he wants to devour someone, then says he has to organise the bachelor party and it’s going to be the best one ever, because he’s the best man. I don’t think they could have screwed-up Miro anymore than they already have, but he seems as much to blame.

*Commercial Break*

Lance Archer comes out with Jake Roberts, and he attacks a guy at ringside as you might expect. Roberts says that’s what he calls a proper entrance. Roberts asks some philosophical questions, then says you often find yourself with odd bedfellows. He needs two partners for Archer, so he asks Taz to come out.

Taz comes to the ring and says all of team Taz is happy to do business with them. The trio of Archer, Starks, and Cage is a big deal. And speaking of deals, they’ve already agreed that Archer will give Cage the first title shot. Archer says Taz is the enemy of his enemy right now and so they’ll team for now. Archer says he will destroy Jon Moxley, and him, Cage, and Archer will go Godzilla on Daly’s Place.

Jon Moxley’s music hits and he meanders in the crowd. Two “fans” attack Moxley but it’s Cage and Starks. Security tries to help but get thrown over the railing. They toss Moxley into a wooden box, then Will Hobbs runs up to help out and beats them with chairs. Moxley reappears and says Jake has a hell of a team assembled, but his partner is Will Hobbs, and he wants Darby Allin to help out next week.

The announcers run down the card for next week, which includes that six man tag, Shida and Rosa Vs. Ivelisse and Diamante, and an appearance from Chris Jericho.

*Commercial Break*

Parking Lot Brawl

Best Friends Vs. Santana & Ortiz

The heels have their faces painted white for some reason, and they run into the circle of cars and start brawling with Best Friends. Trent slams Ortiz into the hood of a car while Chuck and Santana struggle for control. Chuck slams Santana face-first into the wind mirror of a car.

Trent puts Ortiz under the hood of a car and slams it on him a few times. Chuck then struggles to climb on top of the car, before hitting a senton onto the hood, crushing Ortiz within. Trent then does the same. Best Friends pull a plywood sheet out of a truck bed and elevate it on the bed.

Santana is bust open and he finds a baton in a car, which he uses to drop both. Santana slingshots Trent from under the truck into the undercarriage. Chuck comes back and fights them off, avoiding a thrown sledgehammer in the process. Chuck drags Ortiz on top of another car but he gets suplexes onto the hood. Santana jumps off the truck with a splash to Chuck on the hood.

Trent comes back and slams Ortiz into a car, then kicks Santana. Trent finds a door and lays it in from a car hood to the ground, then spears Ortiz through it. Santana uses the door remnants to beat Chuck, but Taylor lifts and drops him on the hood. Trent gets hit in the face with a snow shovel by Ortiz, then Chuck tosses him onto a car hood. Chuck grabs a guard rail and suplexes Ortiz onto it.

They fight onto a car and Trent gets powerbombed on the roof. The heels lift and powerbomb Trent through the car windshield. Chuck comes back with the baseball bat and chokes Santana, then breaks wood over the back of Ortiz. Chuck runs but gets back body dropped onto some bins by Santana. The heels use the wood to beat Best Friends, then Santana gets a lead pipe and aims to hit Chuck with it.

Suddenly Orange Cassidy pops-out of a car trunk, with a chain wrapped around his fist and hits the Orange Punch to Ortiz – because of course the babyfaces would have to cheat. Chuck and Trent are suddenly fine and Taylor hits a piledriver to Santana on a car hood. Trent hits Storm Zero to Orti through the plywood in the back of the truck, and that’s it.

Winners: Best Friends

Trent’s mom, Sue, is sitting parked nearby and they go get into the van. Sue, like everyone in AEW, flips the bird as she dives off.

And that’s it for this week’s mudsho…I mean AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought of the show and come back tomorrow for more wrestling news! Until then, stay safe.

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