Matt Hardy Confirms Feud With Sammy Guevara Is NOT OVER

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Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara’s feud has been a bloody war so far. It’s not over yet according to the eclectic Matt Hardy.

The former WWE Superstar replied to a fan who said that it’s too bad so many fans were focused on how long Hardy and Guevara’s tables match was. He said that television matches should build toward larger pay-per-view encounters.

Hardy stated that his time in the ring opposite Sammy Guevara is far from over. He will have his sweet revenge soon enough.

I can PROMISE you – I’ll exact my revenge against @sammyguevara. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. The Tables Match was merely the beginning.

Since Guevara and Hardy already went to war in a tables match it is possible that they will raise the stakes yet again next time. Perhaps a Hardy Compound Match could finally be possible if they can make things work with North Carolina’s strict COVID-19 safeguards.

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