RAW Underground Title Was Pitched Backstage In WWE


WWE garnered interest with the RAW Underground segments. Shane McMahon was brought back to television and now Shayna Baszler and friends are in the mix. There could be more to this idea as it expands.

Belt Fan Dan reports that there was a pitch backstage in WWE to create a RAW Underground Title. It was suggested that it could look a lot like another title that some fans are very familiar with.

Supposedly the idea of a Raw Underground Championship was pitched. Suggestions included it looking beat up like the Hardcore belt with spray paint and simulated brick texturing.

WWE just started selling replicas of the Hardcore Title. That is interesting timing, but fans have been begging for an authentic replica of that title for a long time now.

We’ll have to see what’s in store for RAW Underground. Ringside News exclusively reported that a RAW Underground Title is possible as the company figures things out as they go.

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