Mustafa Ali Sends Cryptic Tweets Following Appearance On WWE RAW


Mustafa Ali was brought back to WWE with very little fanfare, but he did pop plenty of fans at home. WWE also released some new unique merchandise for Ali in the process. He still hasn’t been able to really find his footing on television.

Ali appeared in a six-man elimination tag team match on RAW this week. Following the contest, he tweeted out: “Take my dream. Take my passion. You won’t take my truth.”

The Truth Will Be Heard was a theme of the hacker gimmick that WWE nixed. Click here for all the exclusive details about why the hacker gimmick never materialized into anything.

Ali later tweeted out something that concerned fans a bit. It seems as though Mustafa Ali is out of options as he tweeted out: “You are my last hope.”

Perhaps Mustafa Ali is trying to tell fans that they are needed to show support. Things are not working out the way Mustafa Ali would like them to. He is in the best shape of his life and just made to sit at home for over half a year. Now he is ready to perform, but cannot capture any substantial portion of spotlight.

We’ll have to see if things improve for him when WWE enters the ThunderDome.

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