Chris Jericho Vouches For Stories About Triple H & Shawn Michaels Bullying The Rock

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Last week, Bret Hart claimed that during The Rock’s early days in the company, he was bullied by Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Hart recalled stories about how Michaels dressed The Rock down in the locker room for using one of his moves and how he and Triple H wanted The Great One out of the company.

On Saturday Night Special (Transcription by Ringside News) Ep 19, Chris Jericho was asked about the validity of Hart’s claims. Jericho said that these stories are true and The Rock himself talked to him about it.

Jericho said that it might have started back when The Rock was insulted by Michaels when he was a kid. He said that their real life feud was the reason why they never worked a match together in WWE.

Y2J said that there were plans for a program between Michaels and The Rock but the Brahma Bull didn’t want to work with HBK.

As far as I know, it’s true, from what The Rock told me. It’s the reason why The Rock and Shawn Michaels never worked a match. I think Shawn might have insulted The Rock when he was a kid in Hawai or something, The Rock’s got a long memory. But yeah, even when Shawn came back, I believe there was one match where it was Triple H vs The Rock in Louisville, Kentucky. Shawn was the special guest ref and they were angling to try and do a storyline feud between Rock and Shawn and I don’t think The Rock wanted to do it.

Jericho then went on to say that Triple H and Shawn Michaels would probably admit to these stories themselves. He said that things were very different back in the day and they were all young and unwise.

I think Triple H and HBK would probably admit that themselves. Things were different back in those days.

Two top former WWE Superstars have validated these stories and it looks like they might be true after all. The Rock has gone beyond the confines of the pro-wrestling industry and has reached a level of success that only a few have ever reached. But even The Great One was once a victim of backstage politics, as strange as it may sound.

You can watch Saturday Night Special Ep 19 here:

(Transcription by Ringside News)

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