Rusev was released from WWE on April 15th, and it seems like he’s okay with that. While he was in the hospital having shoulder surgery he realized that the powers-that-be in WWE never really cared about him.

The Ryback Show recently had Rusev on for a chat. Rusev, who now goes as Miro was quite candid as he spoke with his friend Ryback about WWE.

Miro heard about how some Superstars are treated during their recover. He received no such comfort as he was left in a hospital without even his wife WWE needed Lana to be at work.

“After I had my shoulder surgery I heard about, you know, Hunter’s got all his boys and they’re texting every day. They’re best friends and after my shoulder surgery, after I give up my life for this freaking company, like not even one person reached out, you know what I mean. Not Vince, not Hunter, not Carrano, nobody was man enough to be like, ‘Hey bud, are you ok? Do you need anything? I know you’re in the hospital, you’re by yourself because your wife is at freaking work!'”

“I’m there laying by myself in the hospital and nobody cares man and then at the same time you’re like, ‘What am I doing?’ Like why am I giving everything I have and I understand it’s my dream, but gosh darn man. Thank God, I did enough for my investments, I don’t need to work there at all. My wife is happy. Good for her. I’m done. I am done.”

Miro seems much happier now. He isn’t with WWE now and is on Twitch practically every day hanging out with people on the stream. His pro wrestling career likely isn’t over, but he doesn’t seem too willing to give WWE another try.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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