On last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Sammy Guevara botched a chair shot on Matt Hardy that busted the veteran open. Guevara couldn’t find the traditional folding chair for the spot and therefore picked up heavier chair to hit Hardy with.

This led to Hardy receiving 13 stitches on the head and his wife wasn’t too pleased with it either. There was lot of backstage heat on Guevara for the mistake he made.

Luckily, Matt Hardy is fine and he got his stitches taken out by his wife Reby Hardy at their home a few days ago.

On a new episode of Saturday Night Special, Chris Jericho talked about this spot from AEW Dynamite. Y2J recalled the time when he accidentally landed a punch on Shawn Michaels’s wife during their feud.


The Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rollah said that it’s a terrible feeling when you hurt someone by mistake and in his case, Michaels’s wife was okay and it became a happy accident.

He said that Guevara’s & Hardy’s situation is just like that and this will help a lot with their angle moving forward.

“It’s a terrible, terrible feeling when you hurt somebody by mistake. But when we found out she was okay and she wasn’t going to have any issues, it became a happy accident. You suddenly have this feud that’s taken to a completely different level. That was what it’s like with Sammy and Matt. Thankfully, Matt’s okay. But now blood has been shed and I’m sure Matt does more than want to get his revenge. I think it’s going to add a lot of different layers to that angle.

The feud between Hardy and Guevara is far from over and now, it will only get grittier. We’ll have to tune into Dynamite this week to see what’s next for the two men in the company.

You can watch the 18th episode of Saturday Night Special here:

Darshan Sheth

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