Welcome to Ringside News’ live results of AEW Dynamite on August 5th.

Tonight’s show is an action-heavy one as always, with a huge 12-man tag team match in the main event. FTR teams with The Elite to face the Dark Order in what is sure to be an absolute cluster*uck.

Beyond that, Cody will team with Matt Cardona, formerly Zack Ryder, to face Jon Silver and Alex Reynolds, meaning no TNT open challenge this week. However there will be an AEW World Heavyweight Championship match between Jon Moxley and Darby Allin. Moxley is already diving into a feud with MJF ahead of All Out on September 5th, so there’s little chance of Allin actually winning tonight. Regardless, I’m sure it will be a ruleless, chaotic brawl as per the standard of the two men.

And finally, Best Friends will be facing Santana & Ortiz, and Big Swole returns to action against an opponent of Britt Baker’s choice. And that’s all the announced segments ahead of tonight’s Dynamite. Let us know what you’re excited to see and enjoy the show.


Tonight’s show opens with the huge 12-man tag match getting underway.

Dark Order Vs. The Elite & FTR

We start the match with Brodi and Nick Jackson, and Nick uses his speed to avoid Lee until Matt tags himself in and hits a dropkick. The Bucks team to hit a step-up dropkick but Lee then hits a lariat to both men. Lee lifts Matt but he slides off and a tag is made to Five.

Nine runs in but Matt drops him and tags Nick back in. Nine goes up top but Nick hits a hurricanrana from up top for a two-count. Matt tags back in for an axe handle, then tags Cash for an elbow drop. Dax comes in and stomps Five, then Hangman tags in and tags Kenny for another axe handle.

The Tag Team Champions hit a flurry of double-team offense but the pin is interrupted by Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, who knock all the babyfaces off the aprons. They look to slam Hangman but FTR make the save, then the babyfaces hit a triple-vertical suplex and this time it’s Colt Cabana who stops the pin attempt. Colt runs out and Omega chases after but Brodi Lee intercepts Kenny with a superkick on the floor.

Dark Order look to slow things down as Uno and Grayson make quick tags to try and isolate Omega. Eventually Kenny hits a backbreaker and tags Dax for some snap elbow drops. Tag made to Cash and he hits an incredible high-angle powerslam, then Hangman and Dax come in to try three stereo Figure Four leglocks but they’re all kicked out of the ring.

Stu chops Hangman but gets shoved to the corner and in runs Omega to kick him at the same time as Matt Jackson on the apron. The Elite team up to hit offense on Stu, then Five. Nick springboards out of the ring onto Evil Uno at ringside. Dax tags in and tags Cash for a backbreaker/elbow drop. Dax has apparently hurt his knee, so Kenny takes his place and hits a tilt-a-whirl powerbomb but it’s broken by the heels.

Dax and Cash leave alongside Hangman to the back, leaving the match 6-on-3. Brodi tags in and drops Matt with a big boot for a two-count, then tags Evil Uno who immediately tags Stu. They hit a double-team powerbomb and neither know who’s the legal man. The Dark Order all come in and hit repeated running elbows in the corner, and Colt hits a splash for a two-count.

Matt fights out of his corner but Uno catches a kick, hands his foot to the referee and clotheslines Matt. Brodi tags in but Omega hits him from the apron, so Lee fires back with a clothesline. Lee tags Colt for an assisted kick, then Stu Grayson tags in, tags Evil Uno, who tags Five. They miss Matt with a shoulder tackle, and he clears them out of the ring before hitting Five with a float-over Stunner.

Matt attacks everyone around ringside, ducks under a lariat from Lee, and runs back in to make a tag to a returning Hangman. Page takes out everyone with lariats, fallaway slams, and suicide dives. Five gets on the apron with him but gets back suplexed on the hard part of the ring. Lee gets on the apron and hits a moonsault onto all of Dark Order except Lee, who stood and watched on the apron like an idiot.

Page gets Five back in the ring, and throws him to the corner so Lee can tag in. Lee exchanges with Hangman but eats a boot. Hangman gets suckered outside by Uno and Stu, and Lee follows-up with a suicide dive. Every members of Dark Order tags in again until Colt is legal, and he hits the Chicago Skyline but Kenny breaks the pinfall.

Five comes off the top with a double stomp to Omega, then Grayson hits a 450 to Page as Uno hits a cannonball to Omega. The Bucks come in with stereo superkicks to every member of Dork Order, then one to Brodi as Kenny hits a snapdragon suplex. Dark Order manage to pull all of The Elite from the ring as Page misses the Buckshot Lariat and Lee hits a discus lariat for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

Well, if you like non-stop, meaningless action then that was a great match for you. Dark Order leave as The Elite lick their wounds.

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We see a video of earlier today when Best Friends arrived at the arena in Trent’s mom’s van.

Jon Moxley cut a promo on the steps earlier today, saying he struggled with a lot of demons when he was younger. He would go to the ring and wrestle ghosts. His friends and family would try to talk him out of doing reckless stuff, and in some cases he wished he had of listened. But sometimes he wouldn’t change a thing. So he gets why Darby Allin challenged him and where’s he coming from, but in an ironic twist he’s now the voice of reason. He knows Darby will come at him until he can’t move, and he won’t even think about the last time they wrestled and Jon nearly broke his neck. It weighs on him though, the possibility of ending the career of a bright young star. However the title is on the line and he’s got to do what he has to, so he won’t try and talk Darby out of anything. He will ask though, that when it’s time, Darby stay down. But he knows he won’t listen.

Santana & Ortiz Vs. Best Friends

We start the match with Chuck and Santana, and the latter forces the babyface to the corner and breaks the hold. Santana takes a headlock but Chuck fights out, hits the ropes and they flip over each other for a minute until Chuck tries a pinfall for a two. Ortiz tags in and runs into an arm-drag.

Trent tags in and hits a meteora to a running Ortiz, then a fisherman suplex for a one-count. Chuck comes back in but Ortiz drops him and tags Santana. Chuck avoids Satana in the corner and Trent levels him. Santana and Ortiz whip both Chuck and Trent but they do a do-si-do in the middle of the ring and hit lariats. They knock Santana out, hit a lawn-dart into a cutter on Ortiz, then hug.

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Back live and Trent is trading chops with Ortiz, and the latter gets the better so does a little dance. Santana tags back in and they double-team whip Trent to the corner and Santana hits a Rock Bottom for a two-count. Trent rolls to the apron and Ortiz drops him back-first on the apron. Santana hits a suicide dive to Chuck, who sells it then jumps over the apron like he was shot with a shotgun.

Back inside Santana hits a sidewalk slam for a two-count and tags Ortiz for a double-team suplex. Eventually Trent makes a comeback and tags Chuck, who hits a Michonoku Driver for a two-count. Ortiz tags in but Chuck hits him with a falcon arrow for two. Chuck takes Ortiz to the corner and sets him up top.

Trent tags in and Chuck puts him on his shoulders for a superplex. Santana prevents Chuck from making a tag, then tags in himself. Trent avoids a double-team but Ortiz throws Santana into a Stunner on Trent, then they hit a double-team knee for a near-fall. Trent rolls-up Ortiz for the win.

Winners: Best Friends

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We see MJF in his “campaign room” and he is berating his staff for random things like unlevel posters. Someone asks what if Darby wins tonight and he says “oh no, I might have to fight the 180lb goth kid.”

Matthew Hardy is in the ring and he says that when he decided to come to AEW he wanted to be somewhere where he is respected. When he first came to AEW he saw the incredible roster of young stars he thought he could be an attraction. Which is why he did a sort-of “best of” Matt Hardy. But he listens to the fans and they want to see Matthew Hardy, not a gimmick. He’s going to five off-screen, and two guys who remind him of him and his brother is Private Party. And he tried to help Sammy Guevara but he didn’t want it. Now he desires to hurt Sammy.

Guevara appears behind Matt but he knew he was there and they start brawling. Hardy clotheslines him over the ropes but Sammy pulls him out. Matt tosses him into the barricade, then into the timekeeper’s area. Hardy body slams Sammy through a small table, then goes under the ring and pulls out a proper table. Sammy fights back, then throws an opened chair and hits Matt right on the forehead – what a reckless moron. Sure enough, Hardy is split open and Sammy comes off the apron with a reckless dive where he landed sideways on Hardy. Mudshow wrestling.

We see Santana and Ortiz outside the arena, destroying Trent’s mom’s van with a sledgehammer. Then spray paint his mom’s name on the hood, then cross it out.

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Cody & Matt Cardona W/Arn Anderson Vs. Dark Order

We start this match with Cody and John Silver, and they go for some amateur wrestling. Cody forces John to the corner then hits a stalling vertical suplex. Cardona tags in and punches John, then slams him into the turnbuckles. Matt whips Silver to the ropes and hits a flapjack for a quick two-count.

Silver lands some nick kicks and tags Alex Reynolds but Cardona hits a neckbreaker and tags Cody. Rhodes hits an axe handle, but Reynolds Irish whips him to the corner and Cody slides underneath and into the ring post. Silver hits Cody on the floor and puts him back in the ring.

Cody fights against Reynolds and goes to the apron but Silver trips him and Reynolds hits a double stomp. Tag to Silver and they hit repeated snap elbow drops for a two-count. Dark Order make quick tags to keep Cody isolated, and beat him down in their corner.

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We return and Cody is still fighting from underneath. Silver has a waistlock on Cody in the middle of the ring but Rhodes powers out only to get kicked in the back. Silver kicks Cody repeatedly in the chest and he asks for more, so Silver knees him then superkicks him. Cody catches Silver with a snap powerslam and both men are down.

Tags to both Alex and Cardona, and Matt hits a facebuster, knocks Silver off the apron, then hits a missile dropkick. Cardona knocks Reynolds outside, then hits both him and Silver with a dropkick through the ropes. Cardona misses Radio Silence but hits a powerbomb for a near-fall. Cody hits a springboard cutter to Silver, but Reynolds knocks him to the outside.

Dark Order hit a flurry of impressive double-team moves to Cardona for a two-count, then Cody returns and tosses Reynolds outside. Cody looks for CrossRhodes on Silver but John suplexes him over the ropes and they both tumble to the floor. Reynolds comes back in but Cardona dodges a move and hits Radio Silence for the win.

Winners: Cody & Matt Cardona

As Cody is leaving, Scorpio Sky meets him in the tunnel and looks at the belt, then taps it and walks off. That’s your TNT match for next week.

Chuck and Trent are standing in front of the van. Chuck says they’ve made a liar out of him because he promised Sue he would look after it. Trent says they can do whatever they want to him and Chuck but they don’t touch his mom’s van. They beat them tonight and they’ll do it again, then Santana and Ortiz will apologize to Trent’s mom.

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It’s time for the debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy – which is like a presidential debate…and yet MJF isn’t involved. Eric Bischoff is introduced as the guest moderator for the debate, and this marks the first time Eric has been on TNT in literally twenty years.

Bischoff welcomes us to the Super Wednesday Debate 2020, then explains the rules; five questions they’ve picked at random from social media, and neither candidate has seen the questions. Cassidy makes his entrance, then Jericho comes out with Hager, who’s carrying his orange-soaked jacket.

The first question is why they hate each other so much and Jericho says that’s an easy one, but first he insults OC’s casual attire. Cassidy pulls a black clip-on tie from his jacket and puts it on. Jericho says that’s what he despises about Cassidy, he takes nothing seriously. He also despises the millions of fans who follow him and think he’s the best. He’s not. Everyone thinks he’s a flash in the pan joke. A ginger jackass.

Same question to Cassidy and he doesn’t speak. Question two is who is the better wrestler, and who is the bigger star? Jericho laughs and says he’s Chris Jericho, Le Champion, the demo God. He’s held 50 titles around the world and OC hasn’t left Florida. Jericho says OC’s claim to fame is “biggest slacker” in high school, but if they were in high school he’d beat him up, give him a wedgie, and stuff him in a locker in front of the cheerleaders.

Again Cassidy doesn’t respond. The third question is what both men’s thoughts are on climate change. Jericho gets mad and says that’s stupid. Cassidy turns the mic over and gives a very scientific answer about climate change while Jericho looks stunned. Bischoff asks about the state of pro wrestling and Jericho says Cassidy is everything wrong with modern wrestling. He’s a pimple on the ass of pro wrestling that he’s going to pop next week. And when he does he will replace his $7,000 jacket, then quit pro wrestling and take his order for smoothies at Java Juice and he isn’t going to tip him. No response from Cassidy.

The last question is why does their rematch mean so much to them. Jericho starts to talk but Cassidy tells him to shut up. OC says he knows what this is, he scheduled a debate against a guy who doesn’t talk. He’s trying to embarrass him but he’s not embarrassed. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about Jericho. He does care about the match however, because it’s the biggest of his life. And it’s also the biggest match of Jericho’s life. Jericho asks how and OC says he’s Chris Jericho, he’s done it all, so what if he loses to a guy who doesn’t try? Cassidy takes his sunglasses off and asks Jericho to look at him, look at the man who will embarrass him.

Bischoff declares Orange Cassidy the winner of the debate. Jericho gets mad and says he hasn’t like Bischoff for 22 years, and Eric corrects him that it’s 24 years. Jericho sic’s Hager on Cassidy, and he tackles him hard. Hager beats Cassidy into the corner and stuff his hands in his pockets, then Jericho hits him with the Judas Effect. Best Friends run down as Jerico and Hager leave.

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Tony Schiavone is at ringside with Britt Baker and Reba, and he asks who she’s chosen to face Big Swole. Baker says her choice is Reba, who looks horrified and doesn’t want to fight until Baker tells her she has to. Reba has trouble even getting into the ring.

Big Swole Vs. Reba

The match begins and Swole immediately takes Reba down with a headlock. Reba tries to fight back but Swole drops her. Swole talks trash to Baker until Reba hits her from behind. Reba beats her into the corner, then hits a terrible suplex, followed by a running kick in the corner.

Reba slams Swole’s head into the mat over and over. Baker cheers Reba on with a megaphone as she climbs to the middle rope and jumps for a moonsault – Swole moved but Reba’s head hit her. Swole hits a forearm and Reba sells it horribly. Thankfully that’s the match though.

Winner: Big Swole

Next week Cody will defend the TNT Championship against Scorpio Sky, Jericho Vs. Cassidy, Omega and Hangman Page will face Jurassic Express, Dark Order faces The Young Bucks, and we’ll have special appearances from Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, as well as other legends.

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AEW World Heavyweight Championship

(C) Jon Moxley Vs. Darby Allin

The bell rings and Darby has a picture of Moxley on his face – because he said he fought ghosts. Moxley slaps him and rips the picture off, then Allin slaps him back. Moxley drops Darby with a right hand and tells at him. Darby’s mouth is bleeding.

Darby gets up and tells Jon to bring it, so the Champion kicks him. Darby dodges Moxley and does a flip, then slaps him and Moxley fires back with a clothesline. Jon chops Darby hard, then shoves him into the corner and chops him again. Moxley tosses Darby across the ring with a biel, then stomps his mid-section.

Darby counters a back suplex and hits a springboard arm-drag, then dropkicks Moxley out of the ring onto the ramp. Darby hits a suicide dive into Moxley, then punches him. They fight onto the stage and Moxley throws him off and into the ring post.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Moxley has Darby in a an STF, but Darby gives him the fingers. Moxley bends his fingers and releases the hold. Moxley tosses Darby onto the ramp but Darby snaps him across the ropes, then tackles him through them to the floor and punches him.

Darby hits a suicide dive, then dropkicks Moxley as he tries to re-enter the ring. Allin goes up top and hits a senton to Moxley on the floor – Moxley looks like he might have broke a finger. Back in the ring Moxley tries to do a Paradigm Shift but Allin grabs his fingers to get free and hits a Code Red for a near-fall.

Allin goes up top but Moxley comes up behind and attempts a German suplex – Darby landed on his feet but then fell over. Wardlow suddenly comes out and distracts the referee, allowing MJF to run in and hit Moxley with the AEW Championship! Darby goes up top and hits a Coffin Drop but Moxley kicks out at 2.9!

Moxley is bust open and trying to get to his feet. Darby punches Moxley, dropkicks him into the corner, then hits a float-over Stunner and a running back elbow. Allin goes up top again and jumps for the Coffin Drop but Moxley catches him with a rear naked choke.

Darby won’t tap and starts to stir, so Moxley let’s go and hits a spike piledriver…but Darby kicks out! Moxley looks annoyed that he has to hit a Paradigm Shift, but he does so anyway and wins the match.

Winner: Jon Moxley

We see MJF backstage with his staffers, and he is angry. He’s screaming at the TV and his people, then storms off. The show ends with Moxley holding Darby like a child.

And that’s it for this week’s AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to go check out our results for NXT! Until next time, stay safe!

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