The New Day were not quiet about the subject of racial injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s death. They were very open about this on their podcast and social media. They also wanted to do something special on SmackDown, and their boss was 100% behind them.

Big E recently spoke to Yahoo Sports where he discussed the moment where he and Kofi Kingston took knee in the ring instead of doing their usual posing on the ropes. This was a special moment that was immortalized on a t-shirt which Big E is now selling for charity.

He said when they arrived at the Performance Center that day the feeling was there that they needed to do something. Black Lives Matter protests were waging throughout the United States. Big E and Kofi Kingston went to speak with Vince McMahon about their idea and The Chairman was all about it.

“When Kofi and I got to the Performance Center that day, we felt like we had to do something. We went and had a conversation with our boss, Vince McMahon, and he was completely on board. We felt like that even if it was just a five-second gesture, it was important to let people know that the things that affected them, we were feeling too. We’re not above this because we’re on TV or because we make money, we’re still people. I was born Black, I will die Black, I have lived my life as Black American much longer than I will ever be a WWE wrestler.”


Big E is now getting a singles run in WWE. He is still using his position in the company to spread awareness however he can. During his match against The Miz, E wore the names of Andres Guardado and John T. Williams.

Guardado was an 18-year-old who was shot in the back and killed by Deputy Sheriff in LA on June 18th, 2020. Williams was a Native American woodcarver shot four times by a member of the Seattle Police Department on August 30th, 2010.

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