Nick Aldis Reveals How Much He Makes As NWA World Heavyweight Champion

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Nick Aldis is NWA World Heavyweight Champion which comes with a fair amount of clout. He holds the 10 Pounds Of Gold, and he is also paid like a champion as well.

We’ve heard reports of NWA contracts being worth $1,000 a month. Other contracts differed in size, but none of them were very large. Nick Aldis is an obvious exception.

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, Nick Aldis revealed that NWA is paying him quite handsomely. In fact, he’s making six figures as NWA Champion. This is a very impressive amount to pull in, especially considering the fact that he hasn’t been able to work in months.

“I’m very blessed in the NWA. I make six figures. That’s not the case for everyone and I had to earn that. The first six months I worked for this company, I didn’t take a check. I said, I’ll get whatever I get from independent bookings and I’ll prove my value and I made plenty of money from the independents. I defended the title in 7 different countries on 4 different continents. I was doing just fine. I’ve been all in on this, no pun intended.”

“There were times when Billy said just let me know when you are ready to take a salary and I said, no, we are good. After 6 months, I said ok, we have a goal on the horizon and we showed I can do business and do big business and I said you can stick me on a salary now. I’ve been very fortunate to do that. But I think that, and this is a point I want to make to a lot of the young wrestlers. Wrestling companies don’t just start and hand out six figure contracts to people. That’s not normal.”

“There’ve been a few guys who have had a few sideways things to say about the NWA in that regard but ultimately I generate that revenue for the company. This company, even at this point, is still generating like over 5 figures in monthly revenue. That’s largely due to me. This isn’t about me putting myself over or patting myself on the back too hard. We have some incredible talent and a lot of people have worked really hard to make this thing what is. But deep down, if you are really truthful with yourself, is there really anybody else at this point for whom if they were to leave this brand that this company is in serious trouble. You know the answer. It’s no.”

Nick Aldis addressed those people who had “sideways” things to saw about the NWA, but he obviously has no complaints. Billy Corgan treated him very well, especially considering how much money the NWA was drawing as a whole.

Bruce Prichard might not think that Aldis has the “It Factor.” Aldis has made no secret about his opinion of what Prichard said. He addressed this a couple of times to shut down the disparaging rhetoric.

The NWA is not closing their doors. Billy Corgan made that quite clear in a direct statement on the matter. NWA Powerrr will be back, and Nick Aldis plans to continue on as champion or a long time to come.

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