WWE Superstar Broke 14 Year Losing Streak This Week On RAW


A lot of things happened on WWE RAW this week. It was also a very big night for Shelton Benjamin. He became the WWE 24/7 Champion, and he joined a new stable.

Benjamin joined MVP’s Hurt Business stable this week. That might end up being a revamped Nation Of Domination stable. No matter if a new Nation Of Domination Stable is created, Benjamin at least picked up a win and broke a huge losing streak.

WWE Stats & Info informed fans that Benjamin’s win on RAW marked the first time in 14 years that he picked up a singles victory on the show.

New @WWE 24/7 Champ @Sheltyb803 scores a singles victory on #WWERaw by pinning former champ @RonKillings. It’s Benjamin’s first 1-on-1 win on #Raw since defeating Super Crazy in 2006… before iPhones were introduced, The Big Bang Theory premiered & Twitter started using hashtags

This statistic not only shows how big of a win this was for Shelton Benjamin, but also how much society has changed in the past 14 years.

It’s arguable that the backstage segment was really a match. There was a referee present and a title change took place. That is good enough for us because Shelton Benjamin was due for a win.

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