Why Ric Flair Was Missing From WWE RAW This Week

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It appeared that Randy Orton might have been preparing to make Ric Flair one of his Legend Killer victims. The Nature Boy was leading The Viper to the ring, and he was promoted to be on the show this week, but he wasn’t there.

Flair revealed that his wife Wendy Barlow has COVID-19. He denied having it himself in an interview with the New York Post. This was likely enough to keep Flair of television this week.

During Wrestling Observer Radio (transcription by Ringside News), Dave Meltzer spoke about Flair and how WWE didn’t want to take any chances.

“You know Ric Flair not being there is obviously a case of you know he’s got [coronavirus] or, more likely because his wife has it, it’s like ‘don’t come in’ which makes all the sense in the world.”

It was noted that when TJ Wilson “was sick,” WWE didn’t allow Natalya to come in. It was not confirmed that Tyson Kidd has or had COVID-19. Ric Flair has denied having coronavirus as he stated that they have a 5,000 square foot home and he can stay isolated from his wife.

WWE was “being safe in that regard,” so Ric Flair didn’t show up on RAW as he was promoted. The Nature Boy even appeared on a graphic next to Randy Orton during the show. Obviously, there were plans for him to be there, but they didn’t follow through with them.

Thanks to Wrestling Observer Radio for the quote transcription by Ringside News

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