Paul Heyman Calls Out WWE Game For Mislabeling Him

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Paul Heyman is no longer the executive director of Raw, but he is still an Advocate for Brock Lesnar. Just don’t call him a manager because WWE Super Card just made that mistake and they got called out in a big way.

Heyman jumped on Twitter to make sure that WWE Supercard knows that they messed up. He is labeled as a manager in their game, but that’s not Heyman’s preferred title at all.

. @WWESuperCard

Worse yet, I’m referred to as a #manager.

Do they call the @WWE #Superstars “wrestlers?”

One would think, someone would perform the task of Quality Control and realize the appropriate term to use is #Advocate!

I accept your apology.

Paul Heyman will be back on WWE television. Fans probably won’t see him for a while since Brock Lesnar’s return seems to be the most likely way we’ll see Heyman again. Since Brock Lesnar isn’t coming back for SummerSlam that will give both The Beast Incarnate and his Advocate a bit more time away from television.

Paul Heyman has held many titles in his career and he was a manager at one point. He has certainly evolved past that position in his pro wrestling journey.

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